15 Top Ways to Grow Your Business This New Year


For any business to grow above its competitors, that business must be good at marketing. Marketing is not all about working hard but about working smart.

Even if you’re worried about the expenses involved in marketing, a wide range of affordable options are accessible. These options will increase your revenue in addition to bringing in more customers to your business.

Therefore, if you plan to grow your business this New Year, then these marketing ideas will help.

  • Make use of Email Marketing

It might seem hard thinking of compiling an email marketing list. But it isn’t as hard as you may imagine.

Here is the analysis; do you think those companies you received emails from found it that hard? Right, they got your details through the contact form you filled on their websites.

Some of them got theirs through promotions done online or yet from a wide range of other platforms. You too can try that out.

Email marketing is an adorable strategy because you are marketing to your customers. They already know about you but need some other engagement. They want more information and conviction. 

What’s more? It is very affordable. Email marketing is the least expensive ways to market your products or services. With their email addresses, you are good to go. Ensure you track your email list and regularly. 

  • Use Google  Tools

A wide range of Google tools will make your business rank high in Google search. One of these tools is Google analytics.

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics will enable you to view activities going on your website. You get to see the number of persons clicking and their locations.

With Google Analytics, you get to know them better content for your audience considering their locations and preferences.

It can also link your social media post, thereby bringing in more viewers to your contents on social media. To maximize Google analytics, it is good you track your progress daily.

  • Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business works use Google map. How does it work? Almost related to Google Analytics; it allows you to track your users/viewers.

Google My Business also lets you your customers locate your business on Google map, and therefore, find more information about your products, services and general business information.

What’s more? With Google My Business, your business tends to be at the very top page when searches relating to your activity on Google. Your business is promoted through this platform as well as gets its local target audience.

  • Google Trends

Google Trends are another Google tool that you can use freely. Google Trends works by analyzing those searches that rank high in Google search and lets your business trend the same way they do.

With this platform, you get to follow up topics in other to be in touch with the trends. Therefore, you get to increase your conversation rate while drawing attention to your business.

  • Try out Content Marketing 

Another strikingly, exciting way of marketing your business is content marketing with SEO. In content marketing, you can create striking contents about your business and then submit them on some useful sites for search engines to spot and include them in their index.

The content in question should be very detailed or engaging with the benefits of using your product and services. A well written and optimized content will draw traffic to your website.

The content in question might not necessarily be a write up; it can also be graphics or any other idea that can encourage optimization.

Whatever be the case, the content should be entertaining. Additionally, your customers and the potential customer must find it useful. This way, they feel enticed to patronize your business.

You should have many copies of your content, which you can republish on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

You can try out podcast recording, teleconferencing, press releases, storytelling and lots more. 

  • Social Media Marketing

Almost everyone uses social media these days. Social media platforms are suitable for marketing. You will get to have more audience to market your business. Ensure also that you choose the platform that most of your customers use and add them up.

Firstly, you need to learn how to use the very social media platform that you wish to use if you haven’t been using it.

Afterwards, get started. If you plan using Facebook, create a Facebook account for your business. You should not stop at just creating an account; you need to keep it active and engaging.

Additionally, create a twitter account, LinkedIn, as well as an Instagram account for your business. You can also follow persons or companies that are doing well on social media platforms. Your following them will make you learn from them.

If possible, create a blog for your business. When you do so, do not let the blog site unattended. Always write a blog post to keep your customers engaged regularly.

  • Create a Quality Website

These days, most people prefer patronizing companies that have websites basically because they will get to have a view of their business before making patronage.

No matter the kind of business you operate, a good website serves as a good marketing strategy. Most times, even without your consent, most customers may visit your site and what they find there can attract them to initiate a sale.

Thus, it is a good idea to sell your company with the kind of useful information you may have on your website. Provide elaborate but attractive information on your website for your customers’ delight. They will feel you value your business the same way you appreciate them.

  • Market with your Experience

As you market put the customers in your shoes. If you happen to be them, can you patronize your business?

With this question in mind, try marketing in a way that you can get as much patronage as possible. Your users should be your primary focus.

The platform you use in marketing should easily permit your customers to respond to your offers when the need arises. They should not find navigating to your business challenging.


  • Video Ads can Help

Short video clips can be a great marketing idea. If the video clip is creative, it will go a long way in telling so much about your business and in turn, draw customers to you.

The truth remains that they can be costly to produce. That notwithstanding, a wide range of applications are available for you to create your footage.

With a smart image captured from your business, you can use one of the video apps to produce a professional clip.

  • Collaborate with other Brands

It is a good idea to partner with other brands to make your business more successful. Most brands will need another product brand for proper utility.

For instance, if your business is gear towards stationery, you can give out some products to schools and firms. As they use your product, they can as well market for you. People will notice your unique product and make an inquiry.

  • Invest more Time in Internet Marketing

Without a doubt, people use the internet for almost twenty-four hours daily. This single factor makes it a must for your business to go online.

The Internet allows you to comment on peoples post and through that method, advertise your business. You can after your comment, drop the URL of your website so people can click.

Also, you can list your business on an online business directory. Additionally, a social media platform can be of great help.Adobe-Stock-111780776

  • Try out Online reviews

Google searches always come with an appraisal. These reviews encourage viewers to patronize businesses. The reports contain useful comments and can be a reference point to close more sales.

Potential customers use the information from the review to decide whether or not to patronize the business.

When reviews are recent, they tend to draw more customers. The best thing to do is to list your business on Google and then ensure you reply to all reviews as they come, which may spark up a great conversation with your customers and yourself.

  • Show your Customers how Special they are

Everyone wish to feel special and treated special. Your customers are no exceptions. Most of your customers, especially the loyal ones, might leave your brand if they feel inferior or unrecognized.

Therefore, to avoid such disaster from coming your way, you should from time to time encourage them. You can give out gifts, run promotions or reward best customers for the week, month or year. This act also markets your product or service.

  • Utilize Coupon Deal Sites

Most coupon deal sites have in them your potential customers. These customers might just be waiting for you to market, and then they recognize you.

Try out these sites and give out coupons. The discounts you give out here should not bother you. Your priority should be to get more customers. Thus, many persons will be encouraged to try out your product or service.


  • Build a Relationship

Most times, you make significant progress in your business because of your relationship with your customers. You can build up such relationships by running a charity in your local area.

You can as well promote your product with other products. Additionally, you can give out incentives to both your customers and staff.

  • Spy on your Competitors

Most of your competitors are doing better than you. You should inspect what their success secret is. You can periodically check out their activities.

You can begin with inspecting their social media activities, their websites, and emails, all of their searches and lots more.

Your findings can help you use their ideas in your own business for the growth of your business. Ensure you are creative in your usage.

  • Offer free Consultation

When you offer your professional consultation for free, the persons you consulted will appreciate you. Some might as a way of showing appreciation patronize you.

Your expertise on that product will convince your potential customers, and they will feel confident using what you have to offer them.

Final Words

The listed marketing strategies can lift your business to a greater height. Mainly when you utilize the 15 ideas mentioned above.

Try out a good number of them and select the ones you feel more convenient and appropriate for your business. Continuous usage and tracking can be of help. Thus, you get to grow your business smartly this beautiful year 2020.

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