3 Handy Software Tools Every Marketer Should Have 


Every marketer needs to use software tools these days. Companies or marketers that do not fall behind their competition. The reason is because software marketing tools are essentially time hacks. Marketers have to deal with huge amounts of data and processing that data can be extremely difficult manually. Who wants to use an excel spreadsheet and create data then create graphs when you can use a software tool that does all this for you? 

Marketers also have to hide their tracks quite often. For example, when they are using software tools to scrape information off competitor websites. The websites often see the IP address is accessing and copying a lot of data and can often blacklist the site or deny multiple requests made within a certain time period. Also, sending sensitive market research data that the company has paid thousands of dollars for is also something marketers need software for. 

In this article, we are going to be concentrating on the latter. The fact that marketers need to encrypt their data, be careful when sending sensitive information, and how to organize content correctly for market research purposes.

Here are 3 pieces of privacy software and the reason why marketers need them:

  1. In order to encrypt the data, an open-source program has been created in the year 2014, which is known as true crypt. It is free software. It creates encrypted partitions on hard disk. This is a very handy tool and every marketer should use it.  Migliori VPN can be used for this software, service provider offers these kinds of software and every marketer should try and use it. It is one of the best software which helps in the creation of virtual disks which are encrypted. It is one the best methods in which you can keep your data safe. 
  2. Kodi is another handy software tool which you can use to organize all your contents which are digital in nature. It’s more of like the juxtaposition of the contents. Media files can be played on it. And Migliori VPN service provider is offering this software for free of cost. It is open source. The best VPN to use Kodi is Migliori VPN. It’s absolutely legal and there is no way that your connection will leak information. You can stream a lot of content, scrape information off of marketing websites as well as your client’s competitor websites, and do all this in private.
  3. Password boss is software which can be used by every marketer.  It is not something which generates password. It is a sort of password manager. It manages your password. It secures our password, helps us to remember it and the connection is also absolutely secure wherever we may be using our password, be it Netflix, or Gmail or amazon and so on. This software is also free and you can also take a 30-day free trial. Every marketer should have this tool and its very handy also and free of cost. 

As a marker these tools will improve your skillset and ability to do your job without leaking sensitive information or being detected when performing market research, 

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