Are You Considering Trade Credit Insurance for your Business?  


Trade credit insurance protects your company from bad debts. This insurance can help protect your company from unpaid invoices due to client bankruptcy, political worries, default, and any other cause that you and your insurance company may agree upon. It can also be called export credit insurance, accounts receivable insurance, or debtor insurance.

You have a number of options for insurance that you can take to protect your bad credit.variety of insurance choices that you may take for bad debt insurance.

Solid credit management

Construction contracts are a way to ensure compliance with payment claims

Registering your interest also with the PPSR

Bad debts are not something that even the most disciplined and strict credit management can prevent. Therefore, companies with such risks need to make sure they are adequately protected.

What is trade credit insurance?

No matter how diligent or prompt you may be, your clients might not pay. This can leave you vulnerable to bad debt, unless you require payment in advance or have credit coverage. Credit insurance protects your cash flow.

It protects you and your business from consumers.

Trade credit insurance covers you against the buyer’s inability to pay. It also covers all invoices that you have with the customer during the policy year. It is used by businesses of all sizes to protect both domestic and foreign trade.

Credit insurance can be used to help businesses obtain bank financing and working capital. It also helps them explore new markets with confidence and attract clients with favorable credit conditions.

Insurance is not a one-size fits all solution. Your requirements will determine the cost and coverage of your credit insurance. For example, your credit portfolio size, risk level, and location will all be unique to your company. The majority of insurance options can be customized to meet your needs.

The benefits of trade credit insurance

The protection of your accounts receivables from potential bankruptcy is only a part of the value that debtor insurance offers. You can also use it to protect your company from insolvency.

Potential buyers will agree to your credit terms, which can help you grow your customer base

With confidence, you can grow and expand your business.

With guaranteed cash flow, you can build strong relationships with your suppliers and employees.

You can protect your customer relationships by improving communication and credit terms

It is possible to improve your bank relationship and get finance quickly.

You can manage all risks for your board and stakeholders, and you will have peace of mind.


Your company’s most valuable asset is your accounts receivable. External variables, such as credit and debt, can have a significant impact on your company’s accounts receivable. If this happens, your cash flow may be severely affected. This is why it is important to insure your financial risk as well as your other assets.

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