Article Forge Review 2023 – Pricing and Features Explained


A blog owner knows how valuable it is to publish articles consistently. It requires time, resilience, and money. They have to hire a content writer, which costs additional money. And if someone is writing the articles themselves, they have to spend many hours on it. But there’s a twist to this. With the help of Article Forge, anyone can generate a helpful article in minutes.

Article Forge is a revolutionary tool powered by the infamous Artificial Intelligence technology. It has multiple benefits as compared to writing articles manually. The biggest two of these include saving time and money. Article Forge can generate a fully SEO-optimized article within a few minutes. And after tweaking it for a few more minutes, the article will be ready to publish.

Article Forge is not a free tool, but it still has some fantastic features worth the money. Stay tuned till the end of this article as we review Article Forge’s features and pricing plans.

Overview of Article Forge

Article Forge was created to help people make more content in a short amount of time. And it succeeded brilliantly in doing so. With its adaptation of AI and advanced Machine Learning tactics, Article Forge provides articles that rival human-written quality.

The main features of Article Forge include speedy writing, high-quality, and SEO-optimized content. Moreover, Article Forge also inserts relevant images in your article with a simple click.

It has multiple pricing options allowing you to pay monthly and yearly, according to your preferences. The starting price of Article Forge’s basic plan is only $27 a month. But it can be reduced to only $13 a month using the Article Forge coupon.

If you are looking for a high-quality content writer, Article Forge can be the friendliest option for you in terms of costs and time. Keep reading till the end to find out how that is true.

Article Forge Pricing

Just like any other high-quality tool, Article Forge is a premium tool. You have to pay up to $27 a month for Article forge. It has one regular and another Business pricing plan. The details of the pricing plans of Article Forge are discussed below.

Article Forge Basic

Article Forge does not have many pricing plans to confuse its new customers. Instead, it offers a simple pricing plan with many customizable options. The price will change with each custom option someone includes. It lets you choose between paying monthly and yearly. Below is a list of key facts about this plan:

  • $13 starting price for 25,000 words a month ($27 if paid monthly)
  • $27 for 100K words and $57 if paid monthly
  • Get 500K words for $127/mo if you pay yearly
  • Automatic publishing for blogs
  • API Access

Article Forge Business

The business plan of Article Forge is similar but designed for enterprises. It includes a monthly word limit starting from 500k and beyond. This plan is also customizable; you must contact sales to purchase it. The following is a list of everything that comes with this plan:

  • Multiple user accounts
  • More than 500K words a month
  • Increased articles
  • Dedicated account manager

Article Forge Features

If you haven’t lived under a rock for the past few months, you will surely know about AI and ChatGPT. Article Forge works like ChatGPT with the help of AI, but there’s a catch. It costs more than ChatGPT, and that’s not the catch. Article Forge is optimized and specifically designed so it can create articles that are nearly ready to publish.

There is a long list of Article Forge’s features. We will be talking about some of their most valuable features below:

  • 1500+ Word Article: Article Forge can create articles that are longer than 1500 words. And it takes less than 2 minutes to do this.
  • Plagiarism Free: The Content written with Article Forge is always unique. Almost all of its content passes Copyscape with the help of minor changes.
  • Automatic Publishing: It allows you to integrate the tool into your blog, and then articles you generate can be scheduled to publish automatically
  • Bulk Articles: With Article Forge, anyone can generate articles in bulk within a very short time
  • Images and Videos: There is also an option to insert images and videos into these articles

Final Thoughts:

Article Forge is an AI-powered tool that can save many people lots of hours of writing content manually. It can help SEO gurus generate many articles for multiple websites in less time.

There are multiple benefits of using Article Forge that we talked about in this article. Saving time and money are the two most significant benefits of Article Forge.

Ultimately, it is up to a person if they want to buy a tool or not. If someone needs to generate many articles with fewer resources, Article Forge is their place.

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