Best Career For Your Hands


A hands-on career is a great choice for people who are driven by the idea of getting their hands dirty, and who enjoy seeing the end results of their work. You can be intellectually stimulating and creative while working with your hands, and many hands-on jobs offer a sense of accomplishment. The following are five of the best careers for your hands:

If you like working with your hands, health care and skilled trades are among the best careers for people who love physical labor. Other excellent sectors include design, media arts, technology, law enforcement, animal care, and culinary arts. Below are some of the best sectors for hands-on jobs, ranked by annual pay. The ranges are based on data as of May 2020. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that new jobs will be created in the years 2020-2020.

Architects are another career for those who love working with their hands. Architects combine art and mathematics to create beautiful buildings. They draw these plans on paper or use computer-aided design software to create a virtual model of the building. Architects also play an important role in construction projects, often visiting construction sites to observe the process. These jobs are often quite interesting. They require a good degree, but are not for everyone.

Quality control inspectors test products for quality by testing them for taste, texture, sound, appearance, and more. They do not necessarily need to have hands to do this job. Those who are interested in health care can work as gastroenterologists, where they deal with digestive system problems and regularly deal with human waste. This occupation requires a medical degree and five to six years of specialized training. In general, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree and some experience.

Another career that requires good hands is dental hygiene. Dental hygienists specialize in the care of patients with dental problems. A dentist’s hands need to be steady and able to perform precise movements. In addition to these medical fields, a dentist also uses their hands extensively. Electricians install and maintain electrical systems, and they face numerous risks of injury on the job. The reward, however, is that they develop systems that people rely on.

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