Essential Steps For Establishing a Dutch Company


It has been possible to register your company online since 2008. Details, step by step, of the procedures to be followed.

To create a company, the entrepreneur must obtain a registration in the Trade and Companies Register. It is possible to carry out the procedures by going directly to its Business Formality Center which depends on the business sector of the company. These “one-stop shops” centralize all business registration applications and carry out the necessary procedures with the competent bodies. They thus simplify the creation of companies. Registering your business online is also allowed, the website brings together all the requests made on the web. Here are the steps to follow to register your company without leaving your office.

Create your personal space

Each entrepreneur creates a personal space on This allows him to cancel or stop and then resume registration procedures whenever he wishes. The entered data is saved automatically. A very useful function since the site does not only allow you to register your business but also to carry out other formalities such as a modification, a cessation of activity or a search for public aid. For Setting up a Dutch BV you need to solve the space issues as well as follow the below mentioned steps.

Create your file

Once the personal space has been created, the company file must be created which will then be saved for future procedures. A form containing basic information about the new company must be completed and additional documents must be attached in pdf format (the same as for a paper file). To digitize them, you must therefore be equipped with a scanner that will transform them into digital files.


Registration with the RCS costs € 26.68 for a sole proprietorship and € 41.50 for a commercial company (SARL, SAS, public limited company, etc.) The amount must be paid online.

Receipt of a receipt

As with the paper file, a document is returned upon receipt of the registration application, a few hours after sending. The receipt is received, in this case, in digital version by email and certifies that the company is “awaiting registration”. It then allows the entrepreneur to initiate the procedures with private and public organizations such as EDF or the Post Office without waiting for final registration. In case you are looking forward to establishing new company in Netherlands, you will need the right company for the whole process. You can visit as this company offers a packaged service for all kind of company registration and establishment for the new entrepreneurs and business ventures. Now let us get back to the matter of the registration.

Receipt of the registration number

Within 24 hours of starting the process, the entrepreneur receives his registration number as well as an email confirming the registration of the company. The paper sending of an extract, company identity card containing official and public information (identity of managers, NAF code, company website, etc.), by the CFE to the manager, closes the process registration.


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