How Chris Rivera Became the Number 1 Accountant for Drop Shippers


After completing his bachelor’s and then master’s degree in taxation from University at Albany, Christian Rivera joined Ernst & Young as an intern in the summer of 2011. He worked there for 6.5 years and departed the firm as a second-year Tax Manager.  At Ernst & Young, he specialized mainly in retail and service companies, which as Chris notes, is ironic because the firm he founded specializes in e-commerce businesses. While at Ernst & Young Chris’ clients consisted of some of the largest companies in the world. In Chris’ words, “My business leverages all of the most important skills that I learned at Ernst & Young and is hyper focusing these skills on e-commerce businesses specifically.  The most important include work quality, diligence, and tax strategies that save my clients money.”  

Chris founded his company, ‘The Ecommerce Accountants’, at the end of 2017 but did not initiate its marketing and promotions until 2019.  Since starting his own firm, Chris has quietly developed a deep network of some of the most influential business owners in the drop shipping space.  As many people familiar with the ecommerce community know, drop shipping is a beneficial strategy for start-up businesses as it has low start-up, inventory and order fulfillment costs. As Chris put it, “It’s an extremely fast-growing space within ecommerce. Unfortunately there’s a lot of misinformation and confusion out there about taxes related to your drop shipping business.  We’re working extremely hard to become the authority in the space to provide clarity into that uncertainty.” Chris also shared his future intentions of growing in other areas of e-commerce sectors including Digital Marketing, Coaching, and Amazon. 

What’s perhaps most unique about Chris’ approach is how his business in structured. Similar to his clients, Chris has a virtual business operation.  He revealed part of his behind-the-scenes efforts: “My business is a ‘work from home’ operation.  Everyone in my company works remotely because that is the workplace of the future. Instead of finding someone locally that has the right skills, I’d rather work with the best of the best over the internet. What we’re finding is that most e-commerce companies love this because we work like they work. My total operation consists of 6 people and everyone is remote”.

As if running an accounting firm is not enough work, Chris Rivera spends a large chunk of his time as the CFO in the start-up company Silkroad. Silkroad offers e-commerce entrepreneurs, both large and small, a trustworthy drop shipping fulfillment solution, enabling virtually anyone to start and scale their own e-commerce business. This company is a new alternative and direct competitor to Ali Express, Oberlo, and others. 

Chris’ strong work ethic and dedication have enabled him to identify the needs of his clients and formulate strategies to efficiently and effectively fulfill their business needs. From our short conversation with Chris, it is clear that he is a very bright and business-driven millennial entrepreneur.  We are sure that we will be hearing plenty more from Chris.

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