How Gold Is Used In Different Cultural Contexts


Gold is, and always has been, an integral part of the financial system and over many centuries, different cultures have used gold in their own way. This short article takes an in-depth look at how gold was viewed in different cultures around the world.

The Sheer Beauty Of Gold

Regardless of where you come from, there’s no denying that gold is very attractive and therefore appealing. Most cultures in the world uses gold to make stunning jewellery; the Egyptians, Romans, Greeks and even the Chinese have a long history using gold to make ornaments and accessories. While the majority of gold is mined underground, it can be found on river and stream banks all over the world. All cultures would have discovered gold many centuries ago and integrated it into their culture.

Gold Symbolises Eternity

Gold is unlike other metals in many respects, it does not rust or oxidise and it has stable properties, giving it a reputation for being eternal. This is one of the reasons gold is used to make images of deities; Buddhist, Hindu, catholic and the Islamic faith are all classic examples of how cultures use gold to symbolise purity and eternity. The Egyptians believed that gold was a gift from the gods and therefore this yellow metal was extremely precious to them.

Display Of Wealth

Both Indian and Chinese cultures include wearing gold as a display of wealth and status; Asian cultures prefer 24k gold jewellery, which is 99.99% pure, while western cultures tend to use 18k gold, which is less malleable and more suitable for jewellery. Gold is typically part of the dowry when an Indian couple marry, which normally comes in the form of 24k jewellery. If you are wondering whom to approach should you decide to sell old gold jewellery Adelaide dealers buy in exchange of money, a quick online search is all it takes to find reputable dealers with offices in your area.

The UK & Europe

It has been established that the Irish people made gold jewellery as far back as 600 AD, while England, France, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia were all making gold jewellery at least from 900 AD onwards. The amount of gold used in worshipping gods was startling, with solid gold statues and religious artefacts being exquisitely made.

Incas & Aztechs

These two civilisations were as much in love with gold as the Egyptians and Romans, and there are stunning gold artefacts recovered from the Amazon basin that reflect their appreciation of this alluring yellow metal. Silver was also highly prized; the Spanish invaders stole tons of silver and sent it back to Spain via their galleons, and there are believed to be shipwrecks still undiscovered with huge cargoes of gold and silver bullion and coins.

Gold As Protection

In quite a few cultures, gold is regarded as protection against evil and it was worn by some warriors to keep them safe in battle. Of course, gold is also a form of financial security and has been used that way for centuries. Asian people wear 24k gold jewellery, as it can be liquidated at any gold shop. All gold shops will pay spot price for 24k gold jewellery.

Free Gold Bars and Coins on a Black Surface Stock Photo

To conclude, gold means different things in different cultures, but they are all in agreement that gold is a very attractive and very valuable asset; it will continue to be that way long into the future. If you would like to acquire some gold to add to your growing investment portfolio, search with Google for a local gold bullion dealer and you can take physical possession of the asset.

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