How to come up with a company name


The name for a company, brand or trademark is an important part of marketing in terms of how other people perceive your brand. Beautiful and sonorous names are easy to remember, increase sales and brand confidence.

Proper naming is an art. But what if you can’t choose a beautiful and original name? In this case, the Turbologo name generator will come to the rescue.

To help you decide, let’s look at the main rules for selecting a good company name.

Good name rules

A good nam (brand, trademark or model):

  • Sonorouse for a company
  • A short
  • Unique
  • Easy to spell
  • Easy to remember
  • Sounds good for speakers of other languages
  • Associated with the scope of the company

Let’s move on to practice.

Where to look for inspiration?

Good options for the name of the company may be:

• Names

Examples: Heinz, Ford, Boeing, Ferrari, Hermes, Prada

Such names subconsciously inspire confidence in the consumer, because if a person named a company by his own name, it means that he is doing his job well and provides only high-quality goods or services. More than 40% of companies pick this method.

• Flora and fauna

Examples: Puma, Mustang, White Horse, Rabbit, Camel, Dragon, Apple

Many beautiful and rare names can be found in the world of plants and animals. Flowers, trees, animals, vegetables, fruits, and even mythical animals.

• Associations

Examples: Pixel, Digital, Pepsi, Sharp

Keywords that evoke associations with its activities work great as a company name — they are easier to remember. The founder of Sharp once sold sharp pencils, and Pepsi is a digestive enzyme.

• Places and events

Examples: Adobe, Nokia, Cadillac

For naming, you can use any places and events. For example, Adobe is a river, Nokia is a Swedish city, and Cadillac is the name of one of the famous residents of another city.

• Abbreviations

Examples: IKEA, Sega, AMC

Sometimes you can successfully shorten long company names and get a beautiful and simple name that will go down in history.

• Words from other words

Examples: Facebook, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola

You can take two simple words and put them together — this is how Facebook, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola appeared.

• Repetitions of similar words

Examples: PayPal, Kit Kat, Chupa Chups, Rolls-Royce

If you combine two similar-sounding words, it will help you remember the brand faster. This technique is used by marketers in many countries around the world.


• Inappropriate title.

If a construction company chooses a funny name like “Rick and Morty”, this will obviously raise questions from its partners and change the attitude towards the brand.

Exception. Sometimes an inappropriate company name is firmly embedded in the memory precisely because it causes perceptual dissonance.

• Words with negative associations

If you work with other countries, it is worth clarifying how your name will sound in another language. Chevrolet Nova doesn’t sell very well in Latin America, because in Spanish “no va” means “does not go”, in translation from Ukrainian the name WISPA chocolate sounds like “pox”, and in Japan there is a sushi restaurant called “Fuk Mi”.

Choosing a name for a company is not easy, but very interesting. Focus on your goals and feelings, and then you will definitely find a beautiful and capacious name by which you will definitely be remembered.

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