How to Help Your Millennial Employees Feel Recognized in the Workplace


When you are working with millennials, you might notice that they have a certain way of going about things. They might need validation in a way that your other employees may not, and their expectations from a boss can be quite different than what your older workers have. Whether you like it or not, millennials are here to stay. With an open mind, you can also learn a lot from their way of thinking.

Here are some ways to make your millennial employees feel valued at their jobs.

Provide positive feedback

Most millennials would like to feel as though they are doing their job well. Even if you have some criticism, try to explain how you think they could improve in an actionable way. By treating them gently and giving your feedback in several ways rather than just calling them out in front of others, you’re more likely to gain respect. You’re also more likely to inspire loyalty rather than create animosity in your company.

Make sure your company’s core values are strong

If your business is chaotic and there are constantly problems you are facing, then that unstable environment is going to cause issues with employees. Millennials tend to be idealistic when it comes to company culture, so you need to know that your values are strong and can withstand some feedback from your employees. If you have set ideals for your business, you need to make sure that you try your best to keep those apparent in the way you conduct your tasks and deal with employees and clients.

Provide bonuses in unique ways

While cash bonus might seem like the best way to go for most employees, the truth is many millennials might find this inauthentic. There are other ways to reward younger workers, such as employee recognition programs and credit toward education. Student loan relief or retreats can also be a great way to show that you care about them and that you admire the work that they have put into making your business run smoothly. Think about your workers as individuals and determine what would make them feel appreciated.

Be there to listen

More than anything else, you want to be there for your employees when they need to talk. Millennials can be a great source of feedback since they can often notice problems that older employees might not be willing to bring up. They can also offer new ways to innovate systems or to provide advice when it comes to implementing new technology. If you have a millennial who is reaching out to you, you want to take the time to discuss their concerns and to ask questions—this can not only make them feel valued, but it can help you see your business in a new light.

In summary

While you might have to treat them a little differently than your other employees, millennials can flourish when they know that they have a supportive leader and a solid job at a company with strong values.

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