How to Perform a Legionella Risk Assessment Edinburgh


What is a Legionella Risk Assessment? 

Since 2001 approved Code of Practice legionella risk assessment in Edinburgh become posted requiring the landlord to assess risk from the exposure to Legionella to their tenants. It becomes revised and republished in 2013. How to perform a legionella Risk Assessment Edinburgh has to a source based on the research effectiveness.

A Legionella risk assessment glasgow ought to finish to determine the danger of publicity to the tenants in the assets. It does now not require an in-depth or evaluation of the details, but you have to be able to prove you’ve got assessed for the dangers from the tenants use of the Hot and Cold Water gadget. 

How to get a Legionella Risk Assessment in Edignburgh? 

While any competent person can carry this out, we sense employing a specialist inside the discipline will reduce the chance or errors or oversights.

Ours relied on contractor usually charges £seventy five inclusive vat for evaluation of assets with up to a few bedrooms. It will contain the assessor attending the property to examine the water system on all flooring and within the loft. He will report any remedial works which want sporting out. What do they search? During the evaluation, the assessor will have a look at the following:

  • Hot Water Temperature 
  • Cold Water Tanks  
  • Hot Water Cylinders 
  • Dead Legs 
  • External Taps

If there’s a problem, the assessor will observe what works are required and inside what time. We can ask our trusted contractors to quote for remedial as necessary. Do I want water samples testing? No, there is no requirement in domestic homes to have water samples tested. What if I don’t perform a hazard evaluation? While there’s no legal duty to keep statistics of the assessments. If your tenant became to agreement Legionnaires Disease, then the HSE would search for proof of the finish.  You will be answerable for prosecution under the Health & Safety at Work Act.

We now offers Legionella Risk Assessment Edinburgh and control services and to permit you to satisfy your requirements beneath Health and Safety at Work law.

All employers, constructing and landowners at the moment are required to perform or rent the services of a company to carry out a Legionella Risk Assessment on all homes which can be accessed by the public. It will include hotels, campuses, guesthouses, swimming pool, gymnasium, residential homes, nursing homes and rental accommodation. If your premises have any of the following, you will additionally require a Legionella Risk Assessment: 

  1. Hot and bloodless water systems 
  2. Cooling towers 
  3. Air conditioning systems 
  4. Spas
  5. Showers 
  6. Jacuzzis 

For higher detailed data on Legionnaires Disease, Legionella Risk Assessment, and how it affects our group of assessors and protection technicians are placed and operate across Scotland. 

We provide you with a full report detailing our findings and any endorsed remedial actions arising from the assessment. To request a quote for your constructing, please complete the enquiry form.


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