How to pick a good security company for your business


The world is a dangerous place, this is a fact we all know too well. Criminals target individuals, yes, but they also target businesses. So if you’re a business owner, you’re probably thinking about how best you can protect your livelihood from the threat of crime. 

Security is essential for any operation, and it comes in many forms. Cyber, financial, and physical. When it comes to hiring actual physical security teams to protect your business, you enter into a contract with another business; a private security firm like CDX Security who has Warrington security guards if you are near the area.

Before you even begin to browse the private security firms available to you, you need to assess what kind of security you need. This is entirely dependent on your business. 

Think about:

  • Do you need indoor or outdoor security? Or both?
  • Does the security need to be discrete, or would you benefit from a visual deterrent?
  • How big is your business? Do you have a large area you need protecting?
  • Do you need security 24/7, or just while you’re open or closed?
  • Would you benefit from Audio-Visual monitoring? (Live monitored CCTV)

When you’ve considered all the above, you’ll be one step closer to understanding your security needs. Now you can start looking at firms!

There are many out there to choose from and knowing how to pick the right firm for you and your business can feel overwhelming at first. Here are some of the most important things to look out for. 

Choose Wisely!

  • Licencing

In the UK, all private security firms must be SIA (Security Industry Authority) Licenced before they can operate legally. This means that no corners are being cut, every employee has been vetted and trained properly, and the company itself is compliant with all the rules. Always check if the firm you’re considering hiring is SIA licenced. If they’re not, they’re operating illegally!

  • Accreditations

SIA licence is mandatory, so you know right off the bat if you should hire a company or not from whether they are licenced. However, there are many other accreditations out there that are voluntary. If a company has one or more of these accreditations, it shows that they are confident enough in their abilities to pursue one of these external certificates. This is a good sign that an accredited firm is up to the job.

  • Customisation

Every business is different, and therefore every business has different security needs. A city-centre nightclub, a small-town clothing store, and a village Post Office are all going to have wildly varying needs in terms of security. Contact any prospective firms you’re considering and find out first hand if they can meet your needs. Any good security firm will know this, and should be able to offer flexible and customisable services.

  • Responsivity

Responsiveness is important, and not just in terms of how fast a security guard can notice something and move across the shop floor. As your business grows, your needs will too, and every day is different to the one before. A good security firm will be contactable 24/7, be able to change to meet your needs, and should be willing to communicate changes to your account and contract.

  • Training

The possibilities for crime are, unfortunately, endless, and the criminals out there know this. They will change their habits and tactics regularly to try and stay one step ahead of the competition. Your security firm needs to be able to keep up, and that’s why regular internal training carried out by the security company is a necessity. If you’ve had a contract with a firm for a while and they haven’t trained any of their staff, it’s an indicator that they may not be up to date with the latest demands of the threat-landscape. Inquire how often staff are trained in-house before you hire anyone. 

Hiring a private Construction Site Security Services brentwood ca company is different from hiring any other business. Crime and security needs are a constantly changing landscape and firms must be able to keep up with it. Ask the important questions, first of your business to work out exactly what you need, and then of the firm you want to hire, to make sure they can deliver them. Good luck!


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