How To Start A Moving Company


A moving company like Alliance Moving & Storage for example can be a perfect business for someone who wants to invest in an area with many demands. People never stop moving in large, medium, or small cities. In addition, if you own a moving company, you have a large audience made up of individuals and companies. This article will cover what it takes to get into business. Read on to know everything fundamental when opening a moving company.


The deal’s structure will depend on the size of the company you want to create (in other words, the size of the demand you want to cover) and the services provided. If you only carry out the transport and packaging of the material, you will need office space, a garage, and two trucks. When choosing the spot, decide on a location with a large yard for the trucks to move around.

Legislation And Bureaucracy

As there is no legislation regarding moving companies, they must follow the tax and tax rules of the carriers. You need to follow the exact roadmap as other companies when opening your business. If it is within your reach, join the representative bodies of transport companies in your region. They will give you legal advice and help you set up the business with consulting and team training.


A small business must have an attendant, two drivers, and three packers or porters. Thus, a minimum structure requires six employees. If the company is a little bigger, it may have more packers/shippers. You can hire specific employees for these two roles or have them take turns. When hiring, don’t just assess technical capacity. Choose a team committed to the growth of your company. They must be competent and efficient. Interviews are essential as it is difficult to find motivated and responsible employees. The work carried out by moving companies is difficult, requiring physical strength and concentration. To keep your workers active and motivated, treat them as well as possible and respect their rights.


Moving companies need more disclosure than conventional ones. Your service depends on the media to reach customers. Find good ways to promote your work originally and creatively. Invest in visual communication to create a unique identity for the business. Paint the company and use stickers with the company’s colors on the vehicles.

You can invest in billboards and taxi doors. Flyers, banners, flyers, and other types of traditional advertising are welcome. And do not despise the internet, as it is an environment where all audiences are. Have a website with information about the company, and use channels (such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp) to inform, support, and close deals.


Invest in professional qualifications to have a team focused on the evolution of the business. It is essential to pay for training courses if employees lack experience. This is a job where direct contact with customers is essential; they need to know how to act. They should be polite and polite and be careful about their appearance. Specific training is also essential for them to know the basics of etiquette. This involves, for example, cleaning the uniform and shaving. You should be directly involved in the qualification if you already know the area.

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