Industrial Design ExplainedFor Your Business


There are tons of different career avenues for creative people, such as visual art, architecture, or photography. But what about those people who have a penchant for creativity, but a mind for practical engineering? For someone like this, industrial design might be a great career choice! It’s not just tool design and working with metal like some people may think. Industrial design is a highly specialized discipline that prepares students for a variety of jobs in a multitude of industries, so every graduate is sure to find the perfect fit for them in the working world.

The Job

The first question an interested person might have is, what does an industrial designer do? Designers are the professionals who create, draft, and build every day products for wide scale use. They are typically focused on three key elements of any product: appearance, function, and if it can be manufactured. Although they are much more involved in the early stages and development of products, designers still need to consider what happens after their creation leaves their hands. It’s a great position for anyone looking to creatively solve common, everyday problems.

Career Paths

It might sounds like industrial designers would have to work as entrepreneur inventors, but there are actually tons of companies that hire designers for a variety of tasks. They can work in departments such as user experience, strategy, engineering, or user interface. All of these need someone to consider the user on the technical side of the business. The key attribute of all designers in any industry, though, is empathy. A good industrial designer can step into the shoes of their user to create the best possible solution to a problem or experience with a brand.

If a person is interested in creative problem solving for the modern world, then they should take a look at industrial design programs near them!

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