International Prepaid Cards: Why They are the Ultimate Travel Companion


Are you planning that much anticipated getaway to Sweden? Or are you excited about the business trip to Thailand? Whatever your overseas plans are, you can help ensure it goes as smoothly and as seamlessly as possible when you take your international prepaid card with you.

While it is considered one of the latest additions in the plastic card family, international prepaid cards have earned quite a following thanks to the notable perks and benefits they offer. For starters, international prepaid cards can help keep your money safe while traveling and they can be conveniently used for ATM withdrawals.

The Consummate Travel Companion

International prepaid cards are also sometimes referred to as prepaid travel cards. These financial tools are designed to make spending overseas as straightforward and as easy as can be. No wonder many avid travelers don’t leave home without their international prepaid cards.

If you intend to travel outside the country, it would be a smart idea to always bring your reloadable prepaid card with you. Your international prepaid card can definitely come in handy as you won’t need to bring large wads of money with you wherever you go. Other amazing benefits of using international prepaid cards include:

  • You can use them as a buffer for your other accounts. If you are not comfortable or you don’t find it safe using your debit or credit card overseas, you can always use your international prepaid card. Since the card won’t be linked to your bank account, you don’t have to worry about putting your financial and personal information at risk.
  • You will enjoy fraud protection. Most international prepaid cards offer the same kind of fraud protection offered by established plastic cards like credit and debit cards. Case in point: issuers of international prepaid cards can limit their liability to a certain amount in the event that the card is used without the permission of the cardholder. Others also go the extra mile by offering a zero-liability policy that will protect users from losing the money they have on the card in the event that the card is stolen.
  • You can easily manage your money using the card. Sticking to your budget is difficult as it is. When you travel outside the country, it can get even more tricky and challenging. After all, you will have the tendency to relax and not be cautious about your spending. If you use your credit card when traveling, there is also the possibility that you will go beyond your budget. This is especially true if you have a very high credit limit. With your international prepaid card, sticking to the budget you have identified is way easier.

Two Types of International Prepaid Cards

The two types of international prepaid cards are:

  • Multi-currency prepaid travel cards. This card will allow you to load cash in specific currencies before you leave the country. They also allow you to lock in the exchange rate instead of paying for the current rate at ATMs or point of sale. Currencies that can be loaded to the card include Mexican Peso, British Pound, Euro, Australian Dollar, and Canadian Dollar.
  • General travel prepaid cards. This type is no different from the traditional prepaid debit cards. However, these cards come with features that can come in handy when they are traveling overseas. They also often come with cash replacements and emergency cards. Most international prepaid cards also have PIN and chip capability. However, those with no chips can be difficult to use when traveling to countries like Europe where chip functionality is used.

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