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Having a website is the first step to increasing sales online through various search engines and social media outlets, but just having a website does NOT automatically mean people will find your site on Google! You require SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Internet Marketing in Derby to build a trustworthy relationship with Google and various ongoing techniques, which will lead to Google rewarding you with 1st page Google rankings… if done correctly! Before we go into whats required with Derby Internet Marketing & SEO we will go into a little detail about the difference between the 2 and some Google rankings myths and spam SEO techniques.


Whats The Difference Between Local SEO and Internet Marketing Derby?


In the olden days your website can get ranked on Google with SEO and link building alone. You used to be able to add your keywords to the meta tags, repeat keywords multiple times on each page (keyword density) and build/buy poor footer or sidebar links which exact keyword anchor links and hey presto, 1st page of Google! Not anymore! In fact, nearly everything that you could do for 1st page rankings before 2013 is dead and should be forgotten about! Today, there are so many ranking factors involved that it can only be done one way…. the right way!


Due to the amount of work required, getting a website to page one of Google no longer falls under the SEO tree, its now called Internet Marketing with SEO falling under this tree as one of the many elements involved. As you can see below, SEO only plays a single role today. The elements you need to regularly work on are;


The content on all of your web pages is so important today. The more quality, relevant text throughout your site the better your website will perform on Google. Having a couple of 100 words on each page isn’t really enough today. Google now ranks websites by pulling out content for a web page and uses it as a meta description, and soon a meta title, allowing you to rank for even more keywords. This doesn’t mean its an opportunity for you to start spamming your content with keywords, quality is key. The more quality text on each page, the more chance you will rank for more keywords. Google rewards content, this should always be your main focal point with your Internet Marketing campaign.


SEO today means getting your website design in order so the search engines can crawl your site correctly to read your content and keywords correctly. This means making sure each page contains a meta title & meta description, image SEO, quick load speed, responsive design (can be viewed on tablets and mobile devices), minimal coding errors, no keyword stuffing or spamming, no broken links, static URLs, canonical tag, open graph and a 100 other things that all need to be checked on every page.

Internal and External Links

This is not to be confused with link building. Internal Links are links placed within the content throughout a website that give readers more information about a certain section within your content. This is not an opportunity for you to manipulate these internal links for exact match keyword anchor texts. If you start doing that you will raise flags with Google. This should only be used for the experience of the reader, not for Google rankings. These links within your content will pass traffic around your website for a visitor, help Google crawl your pages better and raise web page authority with Google, if done correctly.


External Links work in the same way as internal links and should only be used as a useful extension to your content for the reader, but instead of linking to your own pages, they link to another website. This is usually to a blog post from another author. This is good for your rankings! You should not think of it as helping another websites rankings. Remember… user first, not SEO! Google will actually reward your web page if you are linking out to a reliable, trustworthy website that is relevant to what you are writing about.


Google loves websites that have fresh, great, informative content that’s updated regularly and the best way to do that is through a blog. Writing great blog posts is very difficult and is very time consuming but it is one of the biggest part that will help with nearly all aspects of your Internet Marketing to achieve first page Google rankings. Writing blog posts for the sake of adding content is a complete waste of time. You have to ask yourself… would i read this and share it on my social media accounts and possibly even link to it as a good source of information for my readers? If not, don’t bother! Blog posts need to be to the highest blog quality possible to get the maximum benefit. Using internal and external backlinks as mentioned above in your blog posts will lead to positive Google rankings as mentioned in the below points.

Content Marketing

Promoting your blog posts to relevant, high traffic blog networks is the best way to get maximum exposure for your website. This will lead to social media shares & followers and potentially backlinks. Reaching out to authors and companies by social media and/or email where you have referenced them in your blog post will possibly lead to even more exposure. After all, you have given them a backlink and its in their interest to make your blog post as popular as possible to make the backlink as strong as possible.

Brand Building

Establishing your business as a trustworthy Brand is important with Google. Building your brands in various quality, relevant websites that have already trusted with Google will boost your rankings quickly. Earning positive reviews is also key for establishing your brand on Google. Establishing yourself as an author also helps your rankings for your posts and future posts. The more established your brand and yourself as an author is, the higher, quicker rankings your pages will have.

Social Media

Social Media signals only play for very small part in rankings your website on Google, but its still an important factor for driving traffic to your website and becoming an established brand and other. Its simple, the more people that share your pages, the more people that will see it, which will lead to higher traffic and sales. Social Media signals do not play a bigger part in Google’s ranking factors because is can easily be manipulated by purchasing Likes, Shares and Retweets. If real people are not seeing your content, whats the point?

Local SEO

Today Google shows local businesses and websites that are near to the users location. For example, If someone searches Google for ‘Website Design’ and they are based in Derby, Google will display website design companies that are based in the Derby area before they show UK website designers. Optimising your website for local SEO is important to catch potentially 1000’s of visitors each month. This is done through Google+ and coding your web pages correctly.

Link Building

Along time ago Link building for SEO used to be the main way to get ranked high on Google, not anymore. Google only looks for quality, reliable, non manipulative backlinks as their ranking factors. The best way to achieve this is by having website owners mention your brand or web page in their content. If you have another look at the above ‘Blogging’ and ‘Content Marketing’ sections… it works both ways.

Building Online Relationships

Social Media and Blog Commenting is a great way to build relationships with other companies and authors in your industry. Looking at them as your competitors will not help your Internet Marketing, remember, you need these people to link to you and mention your brand. They know they need to use external linking for their SEO! So if you keep in touch with them by joining a discussion on one of their blog posts or on social media, not just saying “this is a great post!” Get involved with a proper discussion about the topic. They will then keep you in mind on future blog posts and hopefully mention your brand, product, service or website with a backlink.

UK & Derby Internet Marketing and SEO Myths


Unfortunately for you there are 100’s or even 1000’s of UK and Derby SEO Companies that haven’t got the first clue on how to rank websites on the 1st page of Google in this day in age. the chances are you have probably already been ripped off for £1000’s before, which makes real Internet Marketing Derby companies, such as ourselves, a 100 times more difficult earning clients trust. We only have one goal for small business owners… getting what they pay for! You may think this is the minimum if you pay a company to get you high Google rankings but if you’re just starting out, or have never used an Internet Marketing Derby company… its a minefield! They may promise you the world and deliver a good pitch but they are only after one thing… your money and most of the time its tied into a long term contract.


If you decide you do not want to go with us for your SEO and Internet Marketing campaign, hey… no hard feelings. We wish you the best of luck, but if you are going with a different marketing company make sure they do not tick any of the below boxes because this stuff is that far out of date now it doesn’t work and could potentially have your entire website kicked off Google altogether!

Keyword Stuffing

Ask them about what they do for your onsite SEO. If they reply with adding your keywords over and over agin in your content and meta tags, hang up the phone! All they are doing is keyword stuffing, thinking if they add your keywords over and over again, Google will rank the site. NO! That’s not how it works and it will just make your content unreadable to visitors.

Directory Links

If they say something along the lines of they submit your site to 500 directory websites… hang up! Directory websites used to be used 10+ years ago in order to get exact match keyword backlinks. They are page after page of just links. In fact, Google has kicked millions of these directory websites off their search results just because they are spam. There are a very small hand full of directory websites that are good for local SEO, such as and Yelp. These directories are not to get a backlink from, they are only there to localise your website with Google as another signal for which area you want to be ranked for.

How Are They Creating Backlinks?

If they say something like we build 200+ PR4 and above backlinks each month… hang up!!! This means they are buying backlinks which is a HUGE no no with Google, they actually hates people buying backlinks. Backlinks need to be earned through great quality content or service/product, not purchased. If they say PR4 (or any PR number) this refers to Page Rank. Many many years ago Google used to score every web page out of 10. 0 being the lowest (poor web page) and 10 being the highest (excellent web page). So if you used to get a backlink from a high PR web page it would help with high rankings (noticed i said USED as in past tense!). This type of buying links usually mean the backlink is in the footer, header or sidebar, which is completely useless as Google pays no attention to anything inside these areas. If its not in the main content section (see above under Link Building).


Having these types of backlinks will have your website kicked off Google and you will have a very very long process to get it back on their search results.

Are They Creating Keyword Targeted Pages?

If they say something along the lines of… we will build multiple pages targeting all you keywords… get off the phone! many Internet Marketing companies cannot be bothered, or do not know how to rank main pages on Google. Instead they create pages that are only targeted for a keyword. For example, to try and rank the keyword ‘Internet Marketing Derby’. Now, you would already have a page like this on your website, usually your services page, but they duplicate this page and rename it for the targeted keyword. They will keep the same content as your main services page but just keyword stuff it to try and rank it on Google. They will do this around 20 times for your main keywords. This will never work. All it will do is dilute the quality content your website has. Remember what we said above about how Google loves fresh, unique, quality content?

Are You Limited To The Number of Keywords You're Allowed?

If you get told something along the lines of… we will rank a maximum of 10 keywords… you got it, HANG UP! Their goal should be getting as much traffic to your website as possible, how can they do this if you are limited? If your onsite SEO (see above) is done correctly you shouldn’t be limited to a certain number of keywords. There is a reason why most Internet Marketing companies limit your keywords, this is because they are buying exact keyword backlinks (see above How Are They Creating Backlinks). Each month they will probably buy 3 backlinks for each keyword (each one will cost a few pence), so if they limit you to 10 keywords, that’s 10 keywords x 3 backlinks = 30 backlinks per month. This is the main reason why you are limited to the number of keywords you’re allowed so they can put a spending limit on your SEO campaign.

Are They Writing Blog Posts For You?

This is a simple one if you have read the above, if they are not writing blog posts how can your business and yourself become an established brand and author? If they don’t include blog writing or content marketing for posts you have written, then guess what? Throw your phone away and run as fast as you can!


If they are writing blog posts for you then beware! Most will say that they have in house bloggers but 95% of the time they don’t. It is usually outsourced from India or off Fiverr where someone will send you a blog post for $5. You can imagine what the quality will be like. Another spam technique we found is that they copy someone else s blog post and run it through an article spinner, which means this software changes certain words in the post to make it unique and not duplicated. You end up with a blog post that makes no sense at all and is completely useless.


If they are marketing blog posts you have wrote, make sure they do not spin your article and submit it to other websites with a backlink to your site in or submit the entire article to websites with your backlink on as you will end up with duplicated content.