Website Update Services & Maintenance

Full website updates and maintenance with 24/7 support packages

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Website Update Services with 24/7 Support!

We can perform any website updates and maintenance including adding new pages, updating web page content, changing images, adding new products, publishing new blog posts… pretty much anything you can think of we cover it!


Website update services are the foundation of a successful online business! Not only does it give users the most up to date information about your services and products, Google also loves websites that are updated regularly to increase rankings and traffic!


24/7 Website Support!


Every client is assigned a dedicated account manager who is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle any website updates and any questions or support you require.


You can contact your account manager at anytime via phone, text, whatsapp, email, ticket, live chat or by social media. All website updates are completed within 24 hours of your request.

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Website Update Services and Support


[info_box title=”High Speed Hosting” icon=”fa fa-database” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”right” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInLeft”]Hosted on a powerful, super fast dedicated server with a 99.99% up time and is fully monitored by our team in real time delivering exceptional load speed.


[info_box title=”24/7 Account Manager” icon=”fa fa-user” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”left” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInRight”]You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager who you can contact by Phone, Email, Text, Private Message or Live Chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


[info_box title=”Keyword Research” icon=”fa fa-key” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”right” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInLeft”]Researching your industries keywords that generate the most targeted search engine traffic to all web pages and finding new opportunities for traffic.


[info_box title=”Onsite SEO” icon=”fa fa-code” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”left” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInRight”]Every website needs SEO so people can find you on Google. Includes keyword research, onsite SEO, image SEO, Meta Tags, Content SEO, Local SEO & more!


[info_box title=”Local Citation” icon=”fa fa-map-marker” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”right” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInLeft”]Mentioning your brand, business, website, address and contact details on multiple, high authority websites to truly dominate your website in your area.


[info_box title=”Website Improvements” icon=”fa fa-rocket” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”left” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInRight”]Converting your visitors into sales is key. We will review your website and suggest additional features that will increase enquiries and boost online sales.


[info_box title=”Social Media Management” icon=”fa fa-comments” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”right” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInLeft”]We can fully manage, or part time manage, all your Social Media accounts and daily updates including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest & more!


[info_box title=”Blog Writing” icon=”fa fa-pencil-square-o” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”left” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInRight”]Our in house blog writers will create stunning blog posts for your website that will establish yourself as an expert in your industry. This can be latest news, reviews or guides.


[info_box title=”Content Marketing” icon=”fa fa-rss” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”right” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInLeft”]Getting all your blog posts in front of all the right people and websites to increase new traffic, social media followers & shares and new all important backlinks to your site.


[info_box title=”Link Building” icon=”fa fa-link” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”left” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInRight”]Quality over Quantity! We only build researched websites that are 100% relevant and carry a high DA (Domain Authority) for your link building campaign.


[info_box title=”Speed & Performance” icon=”fa fa-area-chart” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”right” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInLeft”]Improving the speed of your website is key to online success… nobody likes a slow website! We will improve/fix all performance issues so your site runs efficiently.


[info_box title=”eCommerce Management” icon=”fa fa-shopping-cart” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”left” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInRight”]Updating and adding new products, categories, special offers and coupon codes within 24 hours. Improving conversion rate and sales by improving product placement.


[info_box title=”Website Updates” icon=”fa fa-desktop” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”right” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInLeft”]Need to make changes to your website, add new pages, edit content, add images or products? We will do all that for you & publish your blog posts correctly.


[info_box title=”Monitoring & Opportunities” icon=”fa fa-eye” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”left” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInRight”]Monitoring and improving your website through data collected from Google Analytics & Webmasters Tools and looking for new Opportunities to exploit.


[info_box title=”Complete Management” icon=”fa fa-cogs” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”right” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInLeft”]We provide complete website management services looking after ALL aspects of your site freeing up time for you to run your business hassle free!


[info_box title=”Disavow Spam Backlinks” icon=”fa fa-chain-broken” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”left” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInRight”]Having spam backlinks pointing to your site effects your Google rankings. Its important these spam links are removed correctly and monitored every week.


[info_box title=”Local SEO Services” icon=”fa fa-external-link” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”right” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInLeft”]Local SEO is really important, even if you’re a national company. We take care of all local citation and business listings, along with Google Maps & more!


[info_box title=”Blogger Outreach” icon=”fa fa-comments-o” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”left” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInRight”]Contacting bloggers to to publish your amazing blog post to earn authority as an author, brand exposure and powerful backlinks is key for online success.


[info_box title=”Internal & External Linking” icon=”fa fa-external-link-square” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”right” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInLeft”]Getting Google to rank your website high on Google for your selected keywords requires correctly linking up your content to your web pages without any spamming.


[info_box title=”CMS & Plugin Updates” icon=”fa fa-puzzle-piece” icon_size=”medium” icon_position=”left” color=”#0099ff” animation=”slideInRight”]Maintaining all your Plugins and CMS by ensuring they are all updated to the latest version making sure everything is running effectively, efficiently and up to date.


website updates and maintenance services

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UK Website Update Services with 24/7 Website Support


Today Google loves to see an active website. It help Google determine which websites are still active and which sites are dead in their search results. If you try and wrap your head around how Google’s rankings factors work (trust me its very complex) it becomes clear why website updates are critical to a successful online business.


Some Basic Google Ranking Factors


The first thing to understand is how Google makes it’s money and remains the top search engine year on year. Google is the leading search engine by returning high quality results from the users search query. These results are the most relevant web pages and companies that are connected to the users search query, or keyword.


There are 1000’s of rankings factors and internet marketing involved for Google to rank a website above everyone else site but i will just go through one of the main factor, website updates. Hey, thats why you are on this page in the first place! Here is a post that outlines 36 Google Ranking Factors to Boost Your SEO Services.


Website Update Ranking Factor


Lets think about this ranking factor and how Google is the number one search engine. Now, lets say a user searches for iPhone covers. The user is then shown a list of websites selling iPhone cases. Lets pretend that website updates are not an important ranking factor for a minute so we can cover the below points:


The Website Owner No Longer Runs the Website


The chances are the website owner no longer employs a company for their eCommerce website management services UK & product update packages to keep their online shop up to date. But how are you supposed to know that the owner has given up? Now you place an order through their website and make a payment. 5 weeks later you have still not received your iPhone case, the owner is not responding to any of your emails or calls and you have to contact your bank to issue a charge back.


Is Google providing you the best set of results for your search term? No!


This is the last thing they want to provide you with is a set of results from dead websites where you pay for a product that you never receive.


So How Can Google Prevent This?


You may have or may not of heard of Google Bots, these little guys visits every single website on the internet and crawl these websites to help collect a huge amount of data for Google’s ranking factors. One of the biggest factors these little guys look for is whats changed since the Google Bots last crawled the website.


Now what happens if you have solid website updates and maintenance and are updating regularly with new blog posts, new pages, new content, new images and just overall performing general websites updates? These little Bots will go back home and tell the big Bot (Google) ‘hey, this website has updated their website with loads of cool stuff, give them a little shove up the rankings will ya!’. Or something along those lines!


The more often you perform website updates, the more often these little Bots will go home and tell Google about it. This will define a website as being active and all the users that search on Google will not have to worry about your site taking peoples money and not delivering or returning emails or phone calls. This is why website maintenance services are important to the success of your business online by constantly making changes and updating a website.