MasterCard Secure Code – What is it?


While making online payments through debit or credit card, there must be a way which would help in authentication of the valid user of the card. This is where a secure code comes into the picture. It is nothing but a unique, 6 digit long code which is provided by MasterCard, which needs to be used while making online transactions. Unless the correct secure code is being fed to the system, the transaction is not going to complete. One the code is entered, it is checked and authenticated, and then the transaction takes place. Secure code has added an extra layer of security, which has proven to be very useful from preventing unauthorized users from using a card.

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How can you get MasterCard Secure Code  – Card Holders

In order to get hold of master card security code, there are a couple of simple steps which you need to follow. Here they are

  • Visit the website of the bank which has issued you the card
  • You will be asked to authenticate yourself as a valid card holder. You may be asked for certain details like your card number, ATM pin, expiry details of your card
  • Then you will be asked to create a personal message. Every time you make an onlne purchase, this message will appear.
  • Make sure to use a strong password as the security code.

How can you get MasterCard Secure Code  – Merchants

If you have an online store, and want to offer a safe and  secure platform to your customers for making online payments, in that case, being a SecureCode merchant would help. This is how you can go about it

  • If your transaction processor does not support SecureCode of MasterCard, in that case, get in touch with a representative of MasterCard or your transaction processor
  • You need to fill in an application form and complete some formalities
  • Add the MasterCard SecureCode program identifier on your website, to let the customers know that you are using MasterCard SecureCode


How can a Security Code help preventing Fraudulent Transactions?

Every single card has a unique security code, which is linked with the card number and other details pertaining to it. The moment you enter your car number and expiry date to trigger a transaction, the system would prompt for the security code. Once the code is entered, it would be cross checked for the authenticity and the transaction would be completed. A security code basically adds an extra layer of protection, which cannot be bypassed if someone is trying to carry out a fraudulent transaction.

Here is a news for you! You can get hold of a security code for your card absolutely free of cost. All that you need to do, is to get in touch with your bank, process the formalities and you are done. The code will be provided to you by the bank within a very short span of time. Security codes have made the process of online transaction much safer.

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