Monitoring basics and how Work Examiner helps in it?


Here there’s a brief info about the management of your employees and the tools for employee monitoring.

Does the control bring a change?

There have been advanced methods for management and old methods for managing have been disavowed.

Teams need to be organized. Employee monitoring software is crucial. A manager’s main priority is to make an opportunity. The manager does tasks effortlessly.

No control than what?

  • A small conflict can take a turn for the worse.
  • Working conflict
  • Performance in work is affected
  • Managers may encourage dispute
  • Concealing

How to tackle these conflicts?

Monitoring and handling these conflicts require:

  • Awareness
  • Motivation
  • Discipline

5 things manager overlook while monitoring

The problems that are incurred:

  1. The supervisor pointing out the mistakes and mishaps of the employees and does not take anything into the account while pointing out.
  2. Micromanaging the employees is controlling every aspect of the employee’s life.
  3. The manager or the head should always have a strong and unbiased opinion on things.
  4. The executive task is achieving success and complete targets such as:
  • Rise in profits
  • Attractiveness of company
  • Business growth, etc.
  • There should not be a focus on controlling employees.

6 things to remember to keep employees in line:

  1. Knowledge
  • Employees should know that they are being monitored
  • Tools in usage
  • Indicators
  • Employees should know about the consequences of bad or good performance.
  1. Rules and protocol followed

The employees should follow protocols and rules that are formed.

  1. Impartiality

The rules are for everyone and no one should be treated differently. Impartiality is not seen in good light and it is a way to earn a token of respect from the employees alike.

 Effective supervision

You need to be aware of your employee’s behavior.

  1. Actionable

If you are given any info you should be able to catch on and dealt effectively.

  1. Regularity

Once the supervision starts the regularity should be maintained. A little leniency and all can go in vain.

  1. Efficient conduction

The maximum result should be obtained and that too in minimal time.

Employee monitoring software

Systems with time tracking such as employee monitoring software.


Work Examiner is a perfect employee monitoring software on a collection of data on each worker or subordinate and is presented to you in an understandable and easy format.

The perspective is fully objective and will make it easy for justification of decisions made.

A system can be created where employees can grade and analyze themselves with work Examiner employee monitoring software.

Work Examiner is an employee monitoring software that can save a chunk of your time and create a system that treats everyone with equality.

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