Coming Up With New Blog Post Ideas

Coming Up With New Blog Post Ideas

This post has been updated from July 2, 2013

Coming up with fresh, quality blog posts can be difficult, especially if your blogging on a daily basis. In this post I will give you my thought process for coming up with new blog posts ideas.

Do Not Sit In Front Of Your Computer

The worst thing you could do is sit in front of your computer trying to think of something to write, you could be there for hours! When writing your blog posts, they need to be of high quality but also completed in a timely manner. You do not want to be sitting in front of your computer for hours trying to think of something to write, you want to get on with your work to earn some money.

Do Not See What Other People Are Writing

Looking on the Internet for blog ideas is not recommended. If you start looking at what other people are writing your blog post will end up sounding very similar. Coming up with unique value content is key, not regurgitating the same old content over and over again.

Do Not Start Your Post The Same Day

Do not start your blog post on the day you want to write it, sounds weird I know! I am using this blog post as an example so I will show you my thought process on creating this post.

The day I wanted to write a blog was Thursday 27th June, the day I actually wrote the post and published was today, Tuesday 2nd July. So what have I been doing for the past 5 days? On Thursday I came up with a topic I wanted to write about and made a note on my phone.

Do Not Start Your Post The Same Day

Now here’s the trick for coming up with unique value content, let your topic expand over a couple of days by not thinking about it! What?! Trust me it works! You may not be thinking about your blog post, but your subconscious is. Every time an idea for your post pops in your head, add it to your notes. I mentioned adding notes to your phone as you always have your phone with you. This allows you to add your ideas to your notes.

Here are my notes I made over these 5 days:

my blogging process

Note Everything

Make notes of everything you think of because if your like me, you will forget! Even if it’s for a new blog post, make a note and use the same method with that post. On average I have 8-10 blog post ideas on the go, some posts do not get published for weeks on end.


Ideas come to you in weird places, you could see something when your out shopping or walking your dog and think ‘ah, I can use that’, then make a note. The longer you leave a topic and let it marinade, the more ideas you come up with, the more notes you make and the more points you can talk about in your blog post.

Now Write!

Now you have let your post topic marinade for a few days or weeks, it’s now time to write your post.

Now Write

First you need to story board your ideas. This means structure your ideas and put them in order to create your post. Now expand on our notes, adding quality descriptions and in depth detail. NOW you can view other posts similar to your content, not to copy text, but to gain data.

Data and Images

Use as much data and images in your post as possible, which the reader will find useful. Readers tend to lose interest if they just see line after line of text, break it up with images. Adding images, data, charts, infographics will make your post more appealing and will increase your chances of the reader sharing your post on their social media platforms.

I have been using these methods for a couple of years now and it helps me create unique value blog posts. I hope this method helps you to, give it a try!