Searching to buy an attractive and an expensive diamond?

Searching for real and high-quality diamonds could turn into a very hectic and confusing state of mind. It is necessary for you to choose the right diamond with the most attractive color, size, and shape so that it will look more attractive and expensive. There are many colors of diamonds, such as pink diamonds, blue diamonds, and many more various colors. The best diamonds you will find are in Australia. Australian pink diamonds are the most attractive diamonds and have the highest quality within a small amount of money. Since 1985, almost 90% of the pink diamonds have been extracted from Argyle’s diamond mine in Western Australia. So, it can be said that Australia is the biggest trader of pink diamonds globally! The other 10% of diamonds are extracted from Africa, India, or either Brazil. Pink diamonds are the most rarer types of diamonds that are found globally. Some additional information: Pink diamonds basically go through an additional pressure than other types of diamonds, and that extra pressure on the diamond makes it the rarest and the most attractive type of diamond which is pink in color.
  • Types in pink diamond
There are also many types of pink diamonds that have variety in their shapes, such as emeralds, marquise, radiant, heart cushion, and many more modified attractive shapes. The price of a pink diamond is basically 20 times of a regular or a white diamond. So, here it is proof that the higher the natural pressure applied to the diamond, the higher will be it’s price. This makes it even rarer than other traditional types of diamonds. A high-quality pink diamond can basically cost you upto 800,000 dollars per carat. You have to be very careful while selecting the correct type of pink diamond because nowadays, many misleading scams and looting of money are happening in these businesses. You have to be alert about each and every step you follow.
  • Rarity
The rarest color of the diamond is red color and after that comes pink diamonds. The pink diamond comes in eight different types of shades like vivid pink color, faint pink, light pink, dark pink, and many more. There is a lot of variety in pink diamonds, be it shapes, sizes, and even in different shades of colors in pink diamonds. The cost price of pink diamonds basically depends on the intensity or the darkness of the color pink in diamonds. If it is of light pink color, the cost of it will be less, and if it is deep dark pink color, then it will be a lot more expensive than other light and faint shades of pink diamonds. Need to purchase it? If you are thinking of investing in pink diamonds, then your thinking can get you to greater heights because the prices of pink diamonds have been rising steadily for the last ten years, and it will rise steadily because it is slowly getting rarer and rarer.

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