Take a Second Look at Homeschooling and You May Find It is Right for Your Family


Have you considered a homeschool online program for your child? Are you worried about taking your child out of public school and away from their peers? Before making a decision as to your child’s educational future, learn the benefits of homeschooling. The following benefits are only a few that have been identified when it comes to educating your child at home.

No Peer Pressure

Negative peer pressure remains a problem in schools today. In fact, many parents state this is their main reason for wanting to home school their children. Although people often associate peer pressure with high schoolers, research shows it begins at a much earlier age. In fact, its effects can be seen as early as preschool.

Peer pressure comes in many forms and has more influence over children than what educators are teaching in the classroom. In fact, this pressure can affect a child mentally and physically for years to come and damage their personal relationships. This pressure comes in many forms and can damage a child’s self-esteem. Furthermore, peer pressure has been shown to have a significant impact on a child’s habits during adolescence. Homeschooling removes peer pressure from a child’s education.

No Substance Abuse

Drug and alcohol abuse remains a concern today for parents everywhere. Homeschooled students have been found to strongly disapprove of alcohol or drug use among their peers. They are less likely to use drugs of all types, including tobacco and marijuana. Furthermore, they are less likely to be diagnosed with a substance use disorder.

No School Violence

The safety of their children while at school concerns many parents today. School shootings and other forms of violence in educational settings continue to rise, and every child attending school is at risk. Children who are homeschooled have a lower child abuse rate than children attending public schools, although this statistic only takes into account those children who are being legally homeschooled.

While school shootings receive the most media attention, parents recognize their children are at risk of non-fatal violence every time they go to school. Sadly, some of this violence comes from those tasked with teaching the children. According to the United States Department of Education, approximately ten percent of children are victims of sexual misconduct on the part of an educator. Students may also be a victim of a sexual assault perpetrated by another child.

Academic Achievement

Children who are homeschooled are more likely to secure a college degree and score better on standardized tests. African-American students who are homeschooled score much higher on standardized tests than their public-school counterparts, and one-quarter of homeschooled students are working above their grade level. The academically rigorous education many homeschooled students receive makes them highly desirable to prestigious universities.

Parents who have hesitated to begin homeschooling their children should take a second look at this option. Thanks to technology, doing so has never been easier. Parents find they can connect their child with educators across the globe to ensure their child gets the best education. Imagine learning Japanese from a native Japanese speaker. Online options make this dream feasible, and this is only one example of how children can get an outstanding education from the comfort of their own homes. Learn more today, as you might find this is the ideal option for your family.

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