Website Maintenance vs SEO

We get a lot of calls each day from clients looking for our website maintenance services  and when asked about their SEO management, their response is usually the same… “we have installed Yoast”! We need to set the story straight! Having a plugin, or your meta tags complete, doesn’t mean your SEO is ‘done’!

The truth is, SEO is never completed and always needs work even if you are ranked for position one for all your keywords. You will always have competitors wanting your top position, so saying your SEO is ‘done’, you will quickly lose them and start dropping further and further down the rankings.

Below are some real insights on what real low cost SEO services comprise of and what are the expectations.


Time Scales

Time scales vary for each website and the keywords you are trying to rank for. There are variations to be considered:

  1. Age of Domain (a: 10+ years, b: 5+ years, c: 0 years)
  2. Competition (a: low, b: medium c: high)
  3. Keyword Difficulty (a: low, b: medium c: high)
  4. Quality Backlinks (a: good, b: average, c: none)
  5. Quality Content (a: good, b: average, c: none)

Now we have some variable to work with to give you some better understanding on the time scales for your website and rankings. So if i say 1a, this means a good domain age. If i say 3b this means the keyword difficulty is medium.

So a website with these variables will have a better chance of ranking in a faster time scale:

1a + 2a + 3a + 4a + 5a = quicker chance to be ranked.

Now if we go to the opposite side of the spectrum:

1c + 2c + 3c + 4c + 5c = slower chance of getting ranked.

From these variables you can give yourself a very rough understanding on the current journey of your sites journey on Google and the level of SEO services you require.



Lets get this straight, no company who provides SEO services can guarantee you getting ranked on Google! The only company in the world that can make that guarantee is Google, and unfortunately, they do not provide search engine optimisation! There is no point asking an SEO company “what guarantees do you provide” as the answer from any reputable company would say none!

Its harsh i know but thats how it is. Any companies that state they guarantee google rankings you need to run for the hills as fast as possible because they simply cant make this promise. The likely hood is that they just use this phrase to get sales and not get you ranked anywhere. This is where people (maybe yourself) gets burnt.



Installing an SEO plugin such as Yoast doesn’t mean your website is optimised! All this plugin, and others similar to it, does is make some settings on your website easier to do. You are probably looking at around 10-15% of the whole SEO management process these plugins cover for you. What about the other 85-90% of SEO work that needs to be performed to achieve the top search engine spots?!

The same applies if you have added keywords to your meta title & description, added keywords to your content & images etc… This isn’t SEO management! This is just setting your meta tags! This is usually a sales tactic performed by website designers… “Do you want me to fully optimise your website to rank high on Google?”.

No, this alone doesn’t mean your website is fully optimised at all. It really isnt worth paying a designer to do this as we have found it usually has a negative effect on clients rankings, as keywords are spammed and stuffed wherever they will go!



Backlinks are still the life line for any successful SEO campaign. You only need a small amount of high quality backlinks to ranked high. These links are hard to find and take a lot of time, effort, research and experience to get. These kind of links are the only links you should be focused on for your inbound link campaign.

Backlinks can easily be given or bought. Anything thats easy with inbound marketing is spam. It’s that simple! If it was that easy to get links then everyone will be ranked in the top 3 on the search engines! These types of links need to be avoided at all costs as you will just throw your money away any probably have your website kicked off Google altogether.


Not Interested In Local Rankings

This is another phrase we hear a lot “We only want traffic from the UK, we’re not interested in local search”! How Google ranks websites today is all about local search! If you search Google now for “SEO Services” you will find a mixture of results from national companies and local companies which are near your location. This local keyword trigger applies to nearly every search single term so if you ignore your local SEO, you’re ignoring a lot of great traffic.

This local search trigger is aimed to help local businesses get more traffic. If Google wants to help you get more visitors, why wouldn’t you take advantage of it!?



The content on your web pages is the driving force for your SEO campaign. Google loves quality content on ALL landing pages. You need to spend a lot of time planning and writing your content for more reasons than one!

To start with users want to know as much information as possible about your business, product/service and exactly what they get for their money. If users see a lack of content throughout a site doesn’t look very professional and will lose a lot of user trust in your business and brand.

Another reason about having a good amount of great content per web page is that Google will pick out even more keywords and key phrases and rank them high on these search results. This results in more ‘free’ traffic that you wasn’t even expecting. Content is the main resource at your disposal to tell Google exactly what you do and what you want to be ranked for.


Poor Websites

Free websites such as Wix, Weebly or any other types of these site builders to not rank on Google. The coding is that poor on these site builders they have no hope in performing well on Google, and to be honest, we have stopped taking SEO management orders from clients that have these types of sites.

I know they come with ‘SEO addons’ that you can purchase but these are a joke. Don’t waste your time or money with these site builders. We have had loads of success ranking WordPress websites so if you’re looking for an easy platform to build a website, then WordPress is the one for you.


Google Penalties

Have you been naughty and tried to take short cuts to manipulate search engine rankings? You can come back from Google penalties but it can be a very long process. Depending on all the variables (mentioned above) it maybe easier and quicker to rank with a new domain and start from scratch. Once you’re marked by Google it’s very hard to shake off!


Google Updates

Google is constantly changing with new updates and algorithm changes to make a better user experience. It is important your SEO services keep up with these changes. Some of these updates may not effect your site but others may. It’s important you have a good SEO company behind you to monitor and apply these changes.


Ranking at Position 1

Are you ranked at position 1 for all your keywords? Great! Just to double check, clear your browser cache and history and just perform another search. Still position one? A whopping 72% of people think they are ranked on the first page of Google when they are only viewing cached versions.

If you keep searching Google on your keywords time and time again without clearing your cache then you will start seeing your website ranked there all the time!

If you are still ranked high after clearing your cache then should you stop your SEO management because you have reached your goals? Not at all! There will be 1000’s of companies that want that position and will boost their SEO services in order to get it! If you stop your work they will take your spot and quickly start falling down the rankings like a lead balloon!