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website design services

Providing low cost website design services to small businesses to build a quality, long lasting online presence. Our design services includes everything you need and more to have a secure, professional website without the hefty price tag.

All of our websites are built in WordPress and have the below features as standard without any additional cost.

whats included

with your website design package.

Domain Name

Includes a free .co.uk and .com domain name to protect your brand online. Includes unlimited email addresses. eg, name@yourwebsite.com.

Unlimited Pages

As our websites are built in WordPress there is no limit to the number of web pages, products, services, blog posts etc you need for your business!

Google SEO

All websites are delivered to you fully optimised for your keywords including meta, images, search console, analytics, Google Maps & local citations.

SSL Cert

All websites include a 2048-bit next generation SSL certificate form Comodo. This the the green padlock you see in the address bar. Boosts rankings.

Performance Plugins

All of our websites are coded to perform and load and exceptional speeds on any device using WP Rocket and Imagify along with everything mentioned above.


High speed website hosting delivering exceptional load speeds and reliability. Fully managed and secured website hosting without any monthly payments.


Sell your products or services online using WooCommerce. Includes standard/variable products, subscription, memberships, bookings and more!

Updates & Support

Keeping your site up to date with the latest version of WordPress and Plugins. Basic support is available free of charge throughout the year.


A CDN (Content Delivery Network) significantly improves the load speed and performance of a website. A CDN via MaxCDN is standard.


All servers and websites are secured on multiple levels to protect you from hacks and malware. Daily backups are standard on our website packages.

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Why Should You

have a website designed professionally?

Business and brand image is the key to any successful online business. When a user lands on a website they need to feel and see that trust factor on website within 2 seconds in order for them to make an equiry or a purchase. Would you make a purchase from a website that looks all over the place and takes over a minute to load? NO! Neither would anyone else.

Here are a few reasons why businesses fail online within 6 months. We are here to help prevent these mistakes from day one.

website builders.

You usually find these when you purchase your domain name from a provider such as 123 Reg or GoDaddy for example. These page builders are a complete waste of time. What do you expect when they are free! You are that limited to the code that its unreal. If you are looking for the most basic of website designs around and you’re not worried about a single person ever finding you on Google, then a page builder website is for you.

If you are serious about your online business then you need to stay away from them. Website builders such as Wix and Weebly are exactly the same but they have the cheek to charge you extra for addons like ‘SEO’, which in fact does absolutely nothing towards your search engine rankings at all.

building it yourself.

If you are on a budget and want to get a website launched for next to nothing, then we would advise to have a go yourself by building a WordPress website. After all, when your business takes off you can hand it over to a professional to get it built correctly.

This does however take a lot of time. Were talking months of research, tutorials and then making and learning from mistakes. It is a very good learning curve for your business but extremely time consuming. You also need to bear in mind of your competition. the website your build needs to be greater or to the equal standards of your competition.

You could spends months and months trying to create a website that looks no where near as good as your competitors. You need to start thinking from a users point of view. If they have yours and a competitors website side by side on their computer, which one looks more professional? The one that does will get the sale. Its simple user habits. Professionalism = trust.

Once you have got to grips with building a WordPress website you then need to start learning about Google SEO and how to optimise the site correctly to perform well for certain keyword searches and load / perform quickly across all devices.

getting a friend to do it.

Getting a friend to build a WordPress website is probably the worst possible move you could make. If they do not professionally build websites as a full time job, the outcome will be poor.

Put yourself in their shoes. The chances are you have been on a night out and your friend pipes up saying they know how to build websites. You give them a call the following day to build your site and they said they will do it after work in their spare time.

Now, lets say you only need a simple 10 page site. A professional WordPress web designer will take roughly 15-20 from concept, to design, to testing, to completion for this size website. Bear in mind this designer does this for a living day in, day out and knows all known problems and what to look out for.

Your friend has a full time job and is only doing this in their spare time. This 15-20 hour turnaround will end up being 70+ hours, in their spare time remember. Your friend will quickly turn around and say they haven’t got the time to complete the site for whatever reason and/or rush through it as quickly as possible living huge gaping problems (see above).

Everyone think they are a professional at website and SEO, but from fixing 100’s of clients websites built by friends… they’re really not.

offshore website design.

From experience, 94% of clients who used an offshore company in India to build their WordPress website have came to us to have it redone properly. With offshore website design, you do get a slightly better finished product than yourself or a friend doing it, but their ideas and designs are 10+ years out of date. Users today have a certain expectation on how a website should look and flow.

A huge problem with using an offshore company to build a website is the high security risks. They leave huge holes in their coding and plugins, which make it easy for hackers to get in and upload whatever they want.

search engine optimisation.

A low cost website design service is not just building a website that looks pretty. To be honest after building and practicing on a dozen or so sites, anyone can get the hang of it. What makes a real web design company is the ability to achieve high search engine rankings by executing all onsite SEO aspects.

If you think installing just Yoast will solve and complete your SEO campaign you’re sadly mistaken. Yoast is just a tool, a free plugin that anyone can install. If it was that easy to rank on Google by installing a plugin don’t you think everyone will be ranked position 1 on Google?!

Real onsite SEO includes correctly optimising site structure, content, images, coding, CSS and JS files, site markup, structured data, keyword research and about 200+ other important factors. SEO management should not be taken lightly or think its easy to achieve, because its not.

load speed.

Nobody wants to wait around for 30+ seconds for a web page to load. You are more than likely done the same thing when trying to visit a slow loading website, you just go elsewhere? Why would anyone be any different when they visit your site?

Building a WordPress website that loads quickly and performs well is now easy task. By default, WordPress websites are not created for speed. This doesnt mean they cant be made to load fast. This is where knowledge and experience is required and building relationships with CDN companies to bolt on to our low cost website design service comes in handy!


WordPress websites are always a target for hackers. Always have been, always will. A website needs to be maintained correctly in order to be secured. Out dated and untested plugns are the most common ways to be hacked along with poor coding.

We install a triple level security feature with our low cost website design service to ensure all websites are 100% secure (2 levels on server and 1 level onsite).

not listening to professional advice.

Here is the biggest reason that online companies fail within 6 months… they do not listen to professional advice! We have tried to advise many clients over the years the best approach, solutions and layout to receive high Google rankings and convert those visitors in to sales. Do they listen? Of course not. What happens when we contact them to renew their domain name and services after 12 months? They have gone out of business.

You wouldn’t take your car in for repair with an engine failure and then tell the mechanic his diagnostic is wrong and to just change the front tyre to fix the problem would you?! So why ignore the advice from a professional WordPress website design company who’s interest is for you to be an online success to renew your services?