What is the purpose of piling?


Piling is a process where structured piles are added into the ground to improve the longevity of a structure. They are best in areas where the soil or the land is not strong enough to hold the building and can reduce the strength of the foundation of the building. Piling helps in dividing the load of the building and providing it with a stronger foundation. These are made of cement, metal, wood or steel. If you are planning to build a strong structure, piling would help increase the longevity of your building. But before that let us know what is the purpose of piling and h piles:

To prevent erosion

Areas near the river, deep drainage system or where the groundwater level is high are prone to erosion. Soil erosion can reduce the strength and the binding capacity of the soil. This will result in the building collapsing or the foundation not being able to sustain the weight. And so piling helps in keeping the foundation of the structure strong even after erosion.

To strengthen foundation

If the soil where you want to make the structure is weak, then the chances that your building’s life expectancy is reduced are high. A building that doesn’t have a strong base is a risk to the life of people living in it or around it. So, when you get piling done, it will add immense strength to your base and this will increase the longevity.

When the load is heavy

If you are planning to build a superstructure that will need a strong foundation to hold the heavy load, piling is the best option. Piling adds additional support to heavy buildings and prevents them from collapsing.

Cheap Alternative

Piling is comparatively cheaper than other types of foundation. If your structure is large in the area then other foundations can cost you very much. So piling is also done in the buildings where the builder wants a strong structure but at a better price.

Many types of pile foundations are used depending on the quality of the soil and the area where the structure is to be made. If you have a good builder who is aware of all the pros and cons of the soil bed they will suggest to you the right type of piling that will be good for the structure and offer additional strength. The builder or architect analyzes the safety and strength of the land and then proceeds with the construction work. Thus, if you are planning to build a home, office, complex, mall or any building, now you know why piling is used and is important. 

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