Why Skip Tracing is Perfect for Debt Collection


Debt collection can seem like an impossible task. What happens when someone is owed a debt, and all of a sudden, the debtor moves suddenly, disappears, and changes their phone number? Though you may be able to use social media or Google to find basic information, it can be almost impossible to find someone in this day and age if you don’t have the right tools.

Unfortunately, those kinds of scenarios are all too common in 2021. That’s why a debtor tracing agent, also called a skip tracer, is the perfect choice to track down a debtor. In fact, sometimes it’s the only option if a person doesn’t want to be found. Here are some of the best reasons skip tracing is perfect for debt collection.

What is Skip Tracing, Exactly?

The debtor tracing or skip tracing process involves the combination of technology, public records, data, private records, and other resources to track down people that have defaulted on their bills. However, skip tracing is incredibly important to debt collection. It’s one of those recession-proof jobs that’s always going to be necessary. There are numerous benefits to hiring a skip tracer for debt collection.

Better Chance of Getting Paid

One of the best benefits of hiring a skip tracer to track down debtors is obvious: it means you have a much higher chance of getting paid. With a professional company and agents using their considerable resources and strategies, it’s much more likely they’ll be able to eventually find the person.

Access to Greater Resources

While some people may think searching for somebody is an easy task, it’s not. Yes, some websites offer access to their databases for a monthly fee, but that can be very expensive, especially on a case-by-case basis. However, a skip tracer has access to resources and databases that Joe Q. Public doesn’t. It’s a huge benefit to have a professional tracer on your side, which gives you a much higher chance of getting some money back.

Professional Experience and Skills

Another great benefit of hiring a skip tracer to find debtors is they have experience. Finding people that don’t want to be found can be a dangerous job. What happens if you find a debtor, approach them alone, and they become violent? You could quickly find yourself in a dangerous situation. However, skip tracers have the experience and skills to handle those kinds of situations safely so nobody gets hurt.

Saves Time and Money

Using a professional tracer to track down debtors also saves money. Trying to find somebody can be a very time-consuming process that’s not always fruitful. If you’re inexperienced, the process could be even longer. That’s why a professional tracer is such a good idea. They have the skills and expertise to safely and quickly track down debtors, making the process stress-free and giving you time to spend on more important things.

Skip Tracing for Unpaid Debts

When somebody skips out on a debt, it can be an incredibly frustrating experience. Then, trying to find the debtor is time-consuming and requires hard work and money. However, hiring a skip tracer to track down debtors is the perfect solution. It allows an experienced agent to use their significant resources to find the debtor, which means you’re more likely to get paid. It’s also much safer and a very effective method, which makes it perfect for debt collection. Try hiring a skip tracer next time you need to track down somebody who hasn’t paid their debts.


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