Working on a Project? You Need A Body Corporate Manager.


Managing an apartment or a rented townhouse is not going to be easy. There are so many things that you need to handle on behalf of your tenants. If you can’t handle it on your own, then you need to hire someone who is knowledgeable of how to deal with issues properly.

In this case, who do you hire? Who would be the right person for the job? Do you need a property manager or a get someone who’s an expert in body corporate management? That is a decision that you need to be well-informed about before making. If you are not sure, then this article is for you.

Property Manager vs Body Corporate Manager

Although these two are commonly mistaken as having the same job description, they are actually different. The difference is that the Property Manager is employed by lot owners to manage their private properties. The Body Corporate Manager on the other hand works on behalf of the owners of the property. To further understand the roles of these two managers, then read on.

Roles of a Property Manager

The property manager is the one managing an individual property on behalf of the owner. They are the ones responsible to find tenants and arrange leases. They also inspect the property to prepare it for the new tenants. The property managers are also the ones managing and scheduling repairs and maintenance. There are times that property managers manage multiple lots in a subdivision or other private developments.

Roles of a Body Corporate Manager

Before you hire one, it is crucial that you fully understand the roles of a body corporate manager. A Body Corporate Manager is also called the ‘Strata Manager.’ They are appointed by the Body Corporate or the owners of the property, like an apartment or a townhouse. Their role is to manage the properties on behalf of the owners. They are working collectively having the interest of the owners in mind. They provide guidance and advice for legal compliance as well as financial administration.

Which One Should You Hire?

Now that you know the difference between a property manager and a body corporate manager, for sure by now you already know which one should you hire. Just remember why you should hire one from the other. Again, body corporate managers are strata managers that work on behalf of an owner of an apartment. The property manager on the other hand works on behalf of an owner with a single property.

Body Property Manager in Melbourne

SELECT is Melbourne’s most trusted name when it comes to body corporate management services. They can provide you with reliable managers who are experienced and knowledgeable to ensure that the management of your residential properties is taken care of.

The team of experts at SELECT will know exactly what you need,  whether it’s a property manager or a body corporate manager. So what are you waiting for? Leave your property management to the experts. There’s no need to look further because SELECT got you covered.

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