3 Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence to Create A Personalized Marketing Campaign


Artificial intelligence (AI) quickly makes its way into our lives in ways we might not notice. AIs are making complicated medical diagnoses, writing news articles, and even creating art. The possibilities with AI seem endless, but one place they’re beginning to have the biggest impact is marketing campaigns. 

As interest grows in the AI sector, many marketers are looking for ways to use artificial intelligence to increase customer engagement through personalization techniques. In addition, the ability to collect and analyze data through AI is crucial for companies looking to grow and expand their businesses. 

There are many ways that using AI will help create an improved customer experience, but three specific applications can be particularly powerful in creating digital strategy marketing campaigns.

Find Out Who Your Customers Are

The first step in using AI to create a personalized marketing campaign is knowing who is buying your product or service. Marketing is all about giving the customer what they want, so it’s very important to find out exactly what makes them tick and why they are choosing you over your competition.

One great way to find out about your customers is to use Facebook ads, which lets you target only the people who are most likely to like your product. 

For example, if you sell MacBook covers, don’t show an ad for that item to someone who doesn’t own a Macbook! 

The beauty of using AI in the marketing industry is that it lets you in on who your customers are, their interests and buying habits, allowing you to provide them with personalized content.

Provide Personalized Customer Service

Another way that businesses can use AI to create a personalized digital strategy marketing campaign is by providing the customer with a better level of service when they need help or have questions. If the AI knows who they are and what they like, it can act as a resource, so customers don’t have to search for answers on their own.

Let’s say that your company sells hiking boots online. You know what kind of boots people who bought this product previously wanted, so why not let the AI provide them with guidance? It can do all the heavy lifting for you by providing advice about what else these customers bought, what they thought of it and why they liked or disliked it. That way, if someone is looking to get into hiking themselves but hasn’t done much research, your AI can get them off on the right track.

Now imagine this example on a more personal level. Your company has just released a new line of hiking boots, and you’re using the AI to provide customers with customized suggestions for similar products they will love. This could be anything from other outdoor gear to related books or even bands that share the same kind of music that your customer enjoys.

Personalized Landing Pages: What Information is Most Relevant?

One way marketers can use AI to create a personalized marketing campaign is by using the information people provide on forms. It’s best if marketers can collect as much information as possible, so they can determine what type of offers and messages will resonate most with specific groups or individuals.

For example, if you want to complete a lead capture form for access to your ebook, you want to know everything you can about the visitors who reach this page. This includes knowing what webpage they came from, their location, and other useful information that will help you personalize your message.

The more people tell you about themselves or their goals, the easier it will be for marketers to create a relevant landing page with details most appealing to that visitor.

When marketers have a strong understanding of their audience, they can create a personalized landing page in a way that will resonate with the individual or group who lands on the page.


Marketing is all about getting the customer the information they need to feel good about their purchase, so it’s important that you approach them on their level. Using AI for this process makes it easier than ever because the possibilities are endless! There are simply so many different ways for you to create a personalized marketing campaign that will have people coming back for more.

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