4 Things to Know Before You Use Social Media Marketing Memes


Marketing through social media marketing memes is a fun, exciting way to get your brand image across. It’s not the first thing you think of when it comes to marketing, but it’s one of the most effective by far, especially if you want to target a younger audience.

For many businesses, young families are a prime candidate for viral memes, whether it’s kids or adults alike enjoying the humor. But before you jump into creating your meme marketing, it’s essential to understand the pros and cons of this unique approach to see if it’s right for your latest campaign.

Here are the four things you need to know before using social media marketing memes.

  1. Understand a Meme’s Origin

Making your marketing in social media memes can be original and creative if you use your own picture. And in many cases, it isn’t advised to copy an existing meme without knowing the original meme and how to use it, just because the meme is popular or you like the image.

You have to understand the sentiment behind the original meme. Even though memes evolve, using the wrong idea will be construed as lazy marketing. Even worse, you could be seen as a business trying to be something it’s not.

And look at current examples to see what is successful and not. For example, these real estate memes are something many can relate to, both from the business side and customer side, without offending the customer in any way.

  1. Understand Your Business Brand

If you decide to create a unique meme format, make sure all the variables match your brand image. Examples include typography, photo quality, meme undertones, the language used, and the result.

Making a social media marketing strategy meme to fill a space in your social media calendar isn’t going to provide quick results. Make sure you take time to research your end goal and how your customers will perceive you. You may need to implement other tonality changes before jumping straight into memes.

A serious company that’s suddenly using memes in social media marketing isn’t the most trust-building marketing strategy.

  1. Think About The Meme On The Screen

It’s easy to create a great meme and forget about it. But think about what social media you are using. Just because it’s right for Facebook doesn’t mean your Twitter followers will enjoy it.

And some social media formats present memes better than others and result in more engagement. Traditionally you might see plenty of memes on a rapid media like Twitter, but not so much on Instagram, where the onus is on the business itself.

Finally, consider the legal implications of meme marketing. Different social media companies have other policies for creating content. Plus, be sure that there will be no copyright issues with any pictures you use, especially in these circumstances since you are promoting a business. That’s why most companies will use their original photographs, or if using an old meme, avoid anything from a film, for example.

  1. Triple Check Everything

Like all profitable campaigns, all it takes is one unintentional error to cause a PR disaster. It is especially crucial if your profile doesn’t match your demographic, for example, older.

What may seem innocent humor to you might be very offensive to another. Hence, it’s essential to obtain constructive feedback from diverse samples before posting that meme.

And even where nobody takes offense, factual and grammatical errors, amongst unfortunate poor design, can easily miss anything that goes online. The last thing you need is for your business to end worse off than when it started.

Social Media Marketing Memes 

Whatever your chosen meme and marketing strategy, memes are a fantastic way to get a brand message across and trigger user engagement. It is particularly true when you hit the jackpot and create a well-curated classic meme.

For more marketing advice, look at our blog posts and see how you can position your business in the social media space.

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