4 Ways to Make Content for Your SaaS Company Stand Out


by Alex Schnee

Almost all businesses know that they need to invest in content at one point or another, but how you choose to go about it can vary greatly depending what kind of industry you are in. When you are looking at building your SaaS content marketing strategy, you might have some unique challenges when it comes to getting people interested in your software.

1. Provide quality information

One of the first things you will need to do is when creating content is to make sure that it provides value to those who will be reading it. You will want to do some in-depth research to see if there is a gap in the market and whether or not you can solve any problems your customers might be having. If you can offer help to those who need it, you’re going to find success when it comes to your content marketing efforts and gain potential new clients interested in your business.

2. Include graphics

Graphics and images are a great way to make your content stand out against the competition and encourage people to interact with what you put out there. This can be especially true when you are creating an in-depth piece of content that might need some additional explanation. You can choose to have the graphics created by an in-house team member, or you can have it outsourced to someone else if you can’t hire a full-time graphic designer. However, if you are creating content about a SaaS product, then you are likely to need some additional help when it comes to creating visuals.

3. Answer questions

One of the best ways to shape your marketing strategy comes down to what questions your customers are likely to ask and how you can help them answer them. This might mean putting together a dedicated FAQ page, or by creating blog posts that address each of these individually. If you are at a loss on how to shape your content and make sure that it is going to be useful to you in the future, this is a great place to start since you know that it will provide value to those who need it.

4. Use it for PR purposes

Your content doesn’t solely have to live on your site, as well. It can also be used in order to get the word out there about your software and to encourage others to check out. Whether you choose to be quoted as a source or you provide some graphics for publications, you are giving them a chance to reference you and can put you right in from of your ideal audience.

In summary

Content is becoming more and more important for almost every single type of business, but it can be extra important when it comes to promoting your SaaS company. Since you are likely dealing with customers who might be confused about how you can help, you want to put extra effort toward making your strategy full of value.

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