5 Best Ideas for Business in Social Media in France


With more than 80% of French people registered with at least one social network, it becomes difficult to ignore the strike force of social networks for your business.They are now fully in the homes of your consumers, whether they are B2C or B2B.Everyone tweets, posts their photos on Instagram, keeps in touch with their friends on Facebook or looks for their next dress on Pinterest .

It’s impossible for a company to miss this opportunity and ignore these strategic platforms. Visit our website to know more.

However, being on social media to be like everyone else will not help. Before you jump headlong into your brand’s Community Management, read these 5 practices.

You will know perfectly how to apprehend these media to propel the notoriety of your company.

  1. Use the data

To fully understand your consumers and the profile of your subscribers, use the tools provided by social networks.

These will reveal valuable information to you on the profile of your community, the publications it appreciates and those that leave it unmoved, the days and times of presence …

Thanks to these multiple data, you will be able to refine your social media strategy, propose posts in line with their expectations and publish at the best times.

The more you know about your target, the more engagement your status will generate. Which means more leads and increased brand awareness.

  1. Aim for loyalty

Do you want to promote your business through social networks? Start by building customer loyalty. Encourage them to subscribe to your page and most importantly, to stay.

They are the ones who then have the most chances to share your content with their own community.

By turning into ambassadors, they bring you additional subscribers. This means more leads that you will be able to convert in the long term.

  1. Think local

Does your company make most of its sales in its catchment area? Remember to use the local features of each social network.

Indicate your location in your profiles, activate the geolocation of your publications, target your catchment area in sponsored posts and invite your subscribers to come visit you.Social networks should not be used to hide behind a screen, but to find other dating opportunities.

  1. Create a publication schedule

No question of improvising your presence on social networks. When you decide to create the professional pages for your business, also take a calendar and work out a publication schedule.Note all the events that should be the subject of a specific post (company anniversary, commercial celebrations, sporting event, etc.). Also specify the periods conducive to contests, reduction offers, etc.

Be ready to punctuate your editorial line on each social network by offering unmissable events to your community.It is thanks to a flawless organization that your Community Management will yield significant benefits.

  1. Create the interaction
  • Don’t just post articles, make your business come alive on social media! Chat, share, respond to comments, invite Internet users to debate.
  • A social media strategy shouldn’t just promote your products and services, it should make your business human. You must create a close relationship with your subscribers, despite the screen that separates you.
  • Always react quickly to comments left by Internet users, whether positive or negative. Show that you are listening and always there for them.
  • The more interaction you generate, the more visible you will be in the news.

In addition, exchange and dialogue greatly promote your e-reputation. By showing that you are a company close to its customers, you positively influence your brand image.

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