5 Key Benefits of Generating Payment Links


Someone once quoted, “Time is Money” and since then everyone has realized the value of time. We all are in a world that’s advancing every moment with updates in technology. And to be at the same pace, the business world is growing as well. Money plays a crucial role in every business, whether it’s big or small. And for the smooth flow of payments, payment links came into existence.

Generating payment links for businesses online or offline has been trending for a while. Payment links have not only eased the method of transaction online, rather they have emerged as the most convenient way of transactions. From secure payments to being globally accepted, here are some of the key benefits of why you should generate payment links.

What is a Payment Link?

A payment link is a method of online transaction, where the merchant puts up a request for payment against the goods/ services provided to the customer. These links can be shared via email, texts, or even social media. One can generate payment links without any hassle.

Generating payment links do not require any technical knowledge and can be generated instantly. These links can be one-time or can be equipped with a payment gateway in your app/ website.

Benefits of Payment Links

Some of the common benefits of generating payment links are:

1. User-friendly Way of Sales

A payment link works with a payment processor. After the link is shared by the merchant against the products, a customer can choose to pay from several options available. Payment links are the key to e-commerce and are the future of every. Using payment links has also eliminated the need for customers to have an in-person visit to the stores offline. 

Online transactions through payment links are the fastest way for successful payments. Payment links also bring along faster checkout options with them. Research in the US has also found out that easier and faster checkout options can help in the growth of the business, by an increase in sales by around 35 percent.

2. An Easier Way to Track your Business

Generating payment links and sharing the link with customers is all that you need for your business. You can track your payments in real-time. This will also help you reduce the efforts and time that you needed earlier to manage your finances.

3. Highly Secure Payments

The most anticipated problem is to find a secure and reliable solution for transactions done online. Generating payment links have emerged as the most convenient and easiest solution for merchants. With multi-layer security measures used by online payment systems, these payment links are well authenticated. Also, in addition to being the most reliable, payment links provide safe and secure personal financial data of customers. Most payment gateway compliance with PCI-DSS standard which makes it safe.

4. Globally Accepted

One of the most obvious reasons for generating payment links is the convenience of using it that comes along. Payment links can be shared online via texts and emails. The easy way of sharing it makes it possible for businesses to reach a wide customer base in all parts of the world. With real-time payment processing that completes in a blink of an eye, it makes almost every transaction successful. Thus, it is trusted and accepted by customers globally.

5. Fast Payment

Using the payment links one can transfer money at any time of day without any difficulty. And the whole process hardly takes minutes. It is fast technology for people living in a fast-paced world.

Further, the convenience offered by payment links, no need to log in or look for bank credentials when you can simply send money by doing some taps. That’s it! Here you got all the information about payment links.

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