5 Ways To Keep From Blowing Your Stack


Do you get angry easily to the point it’s affecting your relationships and work environment? The world’s a crazy place these days causing a lot of anger and stress, but there are ways to curb your temper. Here are some ways to keep from blowing your stack.

Take a Deep Breath

The old adage to count to ten before you erupt is true. Take some time to calm down and allow yourself to think before the words come out. Plan out how to answer someone in a nonconfrontational way that won’t be controlling or hurt the feelings of others.

Ask for Help

If you get angry easily and often, there might be an underlying issue you haven’t dealt with. Seek professional counseling or better still, take an anger management course. With professional help, you can uncover and rid yourself of the deep issues causing you to react in a negative way.

Online courses are helpful when you’re involved in a court case. You can sometimes take these in lieu of jail time or heavier fines. Contact online anger management courses Alaska for more information.

Develop an Exercise Routine

All that anger can cause stress that’s harmful to your health. Ease that anger by exercising on a regular basis. It can be as simple as taking your dog for a walk every day. Or invest in a gym membership and try working out three to five times a week. You’ll lose weight and feel better.

Avoid the Name Game

When engaging others in a difficult conversation, talk about your own feelings rather than blaming others. It’s okay to say your feelings are hurt when your spouse spends too much time on video games and ignores you. It’s not okay to call your spouse childish or a couch potato.

Pray or Meditate Regularly

If you believe in a higher force, pray for the person who hurt you. Otherwise, meditate. It helps you relax, is calming and gets your focus off the injury and onto more positive things.

Develop a Sense of Humor

Laughter is a great way of releasing tension so long as it’s kind and not pointed at someone in a sarcastic way. When things don’t go as you planned, find something to laugh about. It’ll change your perspective and help you relax.

The next time you get angry, follow these tips to avoid harmful relationships and maintain peace in your home and workspace.

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