6 Small Business Ideas You Could Invest Your Money In Turkey



Before investing in a particular market, an investor always checks whether it would work well for a particular business idea. The Turkish market has always been very favourable to foreign investors. Thinking of a company establishment in Turkey is a good idea when somebody comes to you with a business proposal that has been designed to cater to people who live there.

Here are 6 small business ideas you could invest your money in Turkey:

  • Selling Automobile Parts

If somebody wants you to invest in a company that would specialise in selling automobile parts in Turkey, you should say yes to it immediately. This is one business idea that never fails in Turkey, regardless of which region you choose for it. You could first invest in a factory where the parts or components would be manufactured and then, put together appropriate distribution platforms for them.

  • Taxi App

Being the largest and most vibrant city in Istanbul, Turkey is frequented by tourists in large numbers throughout the year. Though there are taxi-providing services and apps, there is still a dearth of good transportation facilities for both tourists and local residents. In such a scenario, investing in an app that can be used to book cabs would be a very good idea.

  • Restaurant

If you are looking for a simple and tried-and-tested business idea to invest in Turkey, you should consider putting your money into a restaurant. Turkey is a paradise for food lovers. If you invest in a restaurant business in the city and ensure that it is looked after by the right management, you can expect it to soar. 

  • Greenhouse Farming

The Turkish economy is greatly driven by agriculture. Most commercial crops in and around the city are grown with the help of greenhouse farming. What’s truly unique about it is the fact that it enables you to grow crops even in a desert. For foreign investors, greenhouse farming proves to be very lucrative. 

  • Travel Agency

One of the biggest industries in Turkey is the tourism industry. If you want to invest in a business that gets you your investment back quickly and ensures stable profit, you should consider investing in a travel agency. The best way to run a travel agency in Turkey is to hire locales who know the city and the area surrounding it well. 

  • Wedding Planning

When you are considering a company establishment in Turkey, you must give wedding planning serious thought. Turkey is fast emerging as one of the most preferred destinations for destination weddings. While there are many people who have the talent to put together a lavish wedding, they don’t have financers to back them up. This is, therefore, a space you can invest in.


As stated earlier, Turkey is a wonderful place for investors to try their luck in. If you are a foreign investor and have never invested in Turkey, it would be a good idea to consult an agency that can help you familiarise yourself with the area and its financial ecosystem. If you happen to look for a company in Turkey offering legal consulting services, then you should get in touch with Foreign Operation Consultancy. 


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