AVALO-energy: Making Money Only With Usage Of Electricity


AVALO-energy, an energy company, is taking the energy industry and investment opportunities to the next level. According to information made public by the European company, efforts are on the way to make energy available to users. To support its dreams, it is rolling out investment plans for potential investors in the project.

On its official website, the company reinstates its dedication to empowering investors through its idea. According to the company with a special interest in environmental protection, blockchain-based ecosystems, and renewable energy, investors can purchase any of its investment plans and start earning passively for as long as possible.

Rolling out six different plans, AVALO welcomes investors from all walks of life, irrespective of their economic status. An investor can purchase as little as 5 shares for €599 or the maximum of 220 shares for over €23,880. That opens the gate to a constant flow of income as you are paid whenever someone uses electricity in their home.

Not done with its plans, Avalo also offers an Affiliate Program to potential investors. With each referral, you get a commission for your efforts. As a first-generation earner, you are entitled to 12% commission on each referral. For the next two generations, you will earn 7% and 4% respectively.

Once you sign for the affiliate, the company promises to give you 50 token as your sign-up bonus. That is aside from the daily token you receive as an investor. Once the company starts its official ICO, all tokens will be converted to Ether for investors.

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