Benefiting from Tech Knowledge


For people with any IT skill looking for a way to monetize IT, maybe you are an IT professional, system administrator, software engineer, website designer, or any IT related expertise, you must have built up skills and knowledge in your career. All your experience should not be taken for granted.

There are many ways for you to make money with all the technological skills and knowledge you have acquired. In this article, we will talk on some ways to monetize tech with a structured framework for innovation and make cold cash.

Making Money Through Technology

There are many ways to make money with tech, and they include;

·         Writing Articles

Writing articles is one way to monetize your IT knowledge. Writing is nor a difficult task if you can express yourself very well. You can kickstart a blog to increase your writing efficiency. Also, asking for reviews on your blog posts and learning from advanced writers can help you too. Once you have a couple of contents written by yourself, you can start pitching potential clients. Some websites buy tech-related articles, look for them, and work for them.

·         Publish an E-book

Publishing your book is more straightforward than you think. Writing an e-book is more than writing a 300 or 500-word article. In writing e-books, you get more financial income because you are selling copies of your work. Some websites can publish e-books with handsome rewards for you.

·         Record videos

For you to record videos, you don’t have to be a great video presenter before you make and upload your videos for money. You don’t need to have a high content either before you can record videos. If you can comfortably and intelligently speak in a subject, possess excellent communication skills, and can engage and entertain an audience, then a video might be just for you. Monetizing video content can be done in so many ways. You can publish short videos on various platforms like YouTube.

·         Collaborate with Vendors

Once you have established an audience and created a niche for yourself, you might have people who want to advertise on your space or people that want you to create content for them. There are various to take advantage of vendors and make money from them. You can write articles, ebooks, whitepapers, blog posts, videos, etc. even if you have not gotten a broad audience if you produce great content, vendors will patronize you. IT company can help you with that.


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