Best Free Sales Management Apps


The digital age has revolutionized how small and medium businesses manage sales and communicate with their customers. Especially after the onset of the pandemic. The technology shift was rapid and many businesses adopted the new normal for sales management.

There are tons of sales management tools available today that simplify the sales and marketing processes, and some of them are free too.

Here are the best free sales management apps that could help you kickstart your sales and marketing efforts:

WhatsApp Business

Even though a lot of people use WhatsApp for personal use, WhatsApp business is a brilliant app designed specifically for small businesses to help them stay connected with their customers and reach out to potential customers.

It acts the same as a WhatsApp messenger but better and provides you with a lot more flexibility. From creating your business profile or a catalogue of your product or service to labeling customers and tracking the number of messages delivered and read, WhatsApp Business serves as a great sales management app.


With 2.7 billion users worldwide, Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for sales and marketing. Businesses have a fantastic opportunity to build brand awareness, engage with their audience, and sell products online.

Building a Facebook Business Page is simple. With all the basic information and images added to your page, you can devote time to create the right content to keep your audience engaged. You can use the Facebook Marketplace to engage with your prospects and sell online.

Google My Business

Your listing or profile on Google My Business can serve as a powerful tool to help you generate leads and acquire more customers. It offers companies to manage their presence on Google Search and Google Maps. Be it an online business or offline, having a GMB page is almost a necessity today.

According to research, a business listed on Google, on average, received 1,009 customer searches per month. Of which 84% came from organic searches and the remaining 16% were direct searches. It’s definitely a tool worth adding to your business.


For any business, managing sales is an integral part. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain the utmost clarity while managing this process. NeoBiz is an easy-to-use mobile CRM that is intended to help business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and agents to structure and organize their daily sales processes.

This sales management app is simple, secure, and comes with a lot of benefits. Lead management, customer engagement, creating and assigning personalized labels for leads and customers, regular reminders, timely messaging, etc. are just some of the many benefits that NeoBiz offers.

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