Best prepaid recharge plans with 2GB daily data by Vi & Jio


Apart from Airtel, Jio and Vi are the two main service providers when it comes to 4G services in India. With the huge smartphone market, 4G Internet connection is very much in demand. Both Jio and Vi offer good Internet plans in the 2GB daily data cap range. If you are looking for good service, you need to choose the appropriate plans. Depending on where you stay, one of these service providers would surely provide seamless Internet connection. Let us take a look at some of the best prepaid Jio and Vi recharge plans.

Rs. 795 from Vi – Starting with Vi recharge plan, one of the most cost-effective plan is Rs. 795. Calling facilities with this plan is truly unlimited. Like all the plans listed here, you would enjoy a daily data cap of 2 GB. 2 GB is quite enough for daily data usage. This plan offers Vi movies and TV access. Vi has started to offer weekend data rollover facilities. The unused data during the week would be rolled over to the weekend so that you can binge your favourite TV series. This would ensure that you do not waste your data. You can send 100 free SMS every day.

Rs. 819 from Vi – There is another plan from Vi which also has a validity of 84 days and would essentially offer the same benefits as Rs. 795. However, it has the added benefit that it would allow a one-year extended warranty on Vivo smartphones. If you are a Vivo owner, this plan would really be quite useful for you.

Rs. 595 from Vi – AnotherVi rechargeplan that you can look into is the Rs. 595 plan. It has a validity of 56 days. Calling facilities are unlimited and you will be able to roll over unused data to the weekend.

Rs. 2595 from Vi – If you would like to have a plan with a longer validity, Rs. 2595 is a great option. This plan would be valid for 365 days. It will give you access to Vi movies. The weekend rollover facility is also applicable here.

Rs. 598 and Rs. 444 from Jio – Rs. 444 offers 2 GB of daily data cap with a validity of 56 days. You can notice the huge price difference from Vi. You should surely not expect features like data rollover here. Both these plans have the same validity with Rs. 598 plan offering a Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription. These plans will offer a Jio to non-Jio FUP of 2000 minutes which is enough for normal customers.

Rs. 599 from Jio – Rs. 599 will fetch you a daily data cap of 2GB for 84 days. This plan has a Jio to non-Jio FUP of 3000 minutes. You can send 100 free SMS every day.

Rs. 2399 and Rs. 2599 from Jio – While both the plans have a validity of 365 days, Rs. 2599 gets you Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription. If you are a user of this platform and you are thinking of a year-long plan from Jio, you should spend Rs. 200 extra and go for the plan. The Disney + Hotstar plan lapses if there is a gap in your service validity within the year. With this recharge, you will not be facing that issue as the recharge itself has a validity of 365 days.

These are some of the best Jio, BSNL, Airtel recharge and Vi recharge plans that you can avail. If you use Airtel Payments Bank, you may get the benefit of different offers and discounts too.



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