Creative Business Name Ideas that You can Use in 2019 to Build Your Brand


Numerous efforts are required to build a business into an empire from scratch, and that can only be done with powerful branding. And the whole and soul of branding is in naming itself.

Here are some of the best ideas coming up with a business name.

Understand your business.

Before you think ‘N’ of a name for your company, you should know everything about your business from the inside out. You should be fully aware of your capabilities and manner of doing things. This gives you an inside edge while building the brand. Remember, honesty is the best policy. Before you start your branding journey, ask these simple questions to yourself and answer them honestly:

  • What can your business do to affect lives for good?
  • What does your company have that no other company has?
  • What is your specialization?
  • Who do you wanna sell your products? Who is your target audience?

Once you have answered these questions with full honesty, you are in the right direction of making a brand.

Think of descriptive keywords.

Now that you know your business inside out, it’s time to work on keywords that will reflect your services and products. You need to select descriptive keywords that denote what you do. This way, the SEO team can use those keywords while optimizing your content and rank your website higher in the search results.

The common people or consumers will not understand the jargon related to your business or service, so it’s better if you go for simple and descriptive keywords.

How do you plan to create a unique name?

Rhythm plays a vital role while saying out a business name out loud. When you want to name your company uniquely, you should follow a unique approach.

You should choose coordinating words or phrases that compliment each other in one rhythm or another. This way a name is fun to say and easy to remember. An easy to remember name has a higher chance of having a positive retention rate. All these gives potential clients a gist about what you will be doing if they invest their time and money in your company.

What does your business name tell consumers?

That’s a very important part of branding – the impression your brand name have on your consumers – potential and active. If you are finding it difficult to choose a name with the perfect balance of uniqueness and descriptiveness, you can always seek help from online business name generator tools, they are a great resource for clearing away the roadblock that you have in naming your brand.

These name generators are invented by experts who work in naming agencies and know the whole and soul of branding, re-branding, and naming process.

Taking professional help while naming your company increases the chances of your venture turning into an instant brand on the market.

Register your business name.

The most important aspect of turning your business into a brand is registering your business name with the United States’ Patent and Trademark Office.

If you, unknowingly choose a business name that’s already taken by someone else in the other corner of the world, you may face two issues, that are equally pressing.

In the worst-case scenario, you can face copyright issues and the former owner can even sue you for breaching their copyrighted name.

In the second parallel, Google’s bot will know that you don’t own an original name for your brand and will rank you lower in the search engine results due to reasons concerning authenticity.

That’s why you should always choose a unique name, never used by anyone. When you choose a unique name, it’s creative and it distinguishes you from the rat race for good. Added bonus, you won’t have to pay lawyers to defend you for copyright issues. Having a unique name for your brand is a win-win for everybody and you should do that.

This article was meant to help you with your brand recognition and brand naming. You can follow the above steps with full authenticity and can see the magic of organic branding in a couple of months.

If you choose the right name for your company, you will be overwhelmed by the response you get from your target audience. You just need to find a unique name that tells your audience what you do and you are good to go.

Concluding, you should avoid names that have complex spellings, this will create sheer confusion among your customers, but it can cause you a fortune. So try some names that have a simple spelling, that’s easy to remember and write.

If you have gone through all of the above steps thoroughly, then you are good to go and ride into the sunset with a stash load of brand reputation and customer loyalty.

You’re welcome…!!

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