Dev Gadhvi Is Not a Scam


People have always wondered if Dev Gadhvi is running a scam company. This article will take a closer look at programs and products created by Dev Gadhvi, a best-selling Passionpreneur, and author.

Who is Dev Gadhvi?

He is a popular YouTube content creator. He claims to have changed the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals around the world. As the founder of the famous Passionpreneur Academy, this content creator is also an international best-selling author, social media expert, and sales coach or trainer.

Dev claims to have attended Dan Lok’s training courses on online sales and marketing, as well as learned from famous entrepreneur Grant Cardone. This Passionpreneur also makes viral YouTube videos on how to grow social media following. As a simple kid, he struggled to speak straight English. His father was an honest truck driver. His mother was a normal stay-at-home mother.

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He led a very average life for years until he figured out his purpose in life and turned his passion into a very successful business. Today, this content created has one mission and one mission only in mind: to inspire, transform and empower the tens of millions of individuals. To help him achieve this goal, he has trained a lot of individuals on how to start a company.


As a Passionpreneur mentor, he is considered one of the top-paid influencers and the pioneer of the Passionreneur mentorship industry in India. He is also a TED speaker, high-profile blogger, and Josh Talks speaker who helps people transform their lives, as well as find their true calling and passion. Dev’s techniques and tips help individuals in their lives.

As a best-selling author, international keynote speaker, social media professional, and sales trainer, Dev Gadhvi doesn’t scam his loyal followers. He transformed a lot of lives, as well as cultivated unconventional businesses and programs. It includes membership programs and YouTube videos.

His mission in life is to transform, empower, and inspire millions of individuals. While there are tons of gurus in the industry today who claim to be very successful, people shouldn’t blindly invest their hard-earned money in their services and products. The Passionpreneur Mastermind is a mentorship program that covers a lot of aspects of the entrepreneurship industry.

From finding a person’s passion to creating a social media presence, it will teach people everything they need to know about their enterprise. They will be able to create their company with the help of Dev’s Passionpreneur Mastermind program. Using the program will help people make a lot of money, at the same time, become better business owners.

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Best-selling author

Is he a scam artist? The answer is a resounding NO. Unlike most authors, he actually has tons of passion when it comes to helping other people. He also created an entire organization to help individuals find their passion.

Sales trainer

If a person is looking for a reputable sales trainer, there is a good chance that they have come across Dev Gadhvi. He is a multi-millionaire sales trainer, social media influencer, business coach, and best-selling author. His content has changed a lot of lives. He has also designed and created unique membership websites and programs that focus on empowering individuals to find their purpose in life, as well as passion, and make it a sustainable business.

His program is an all-inclusive blueprint when it comes to discovering a person’s passion and turning it into a good and profitable enterprise. After years of struggling with the English language, he started teaching himself how to write and speak in English. He later found his true calling and turned his passion into a multi-million business. Today, this multi-millionaire has only one mission in life: to transform, inspire, and empower millions of people.

Business Coach

As a business coach, Dev Gadhvi was falsely accused of scam, but there’s no such thing. He is an actual person and a self-made multi-millionaire. As a matter of fact, he helped and mentored a lot of individuals every year and helped them quit their regular day jobs and build successful businesses.

He also pioneered a philanthropic effort to uplift street vendors. He believes his success is due to what he learned from his mentors, Dan Lok and Grant Cardone. Unlike other coaches, Dev has earned his flowers as a good entrepreneur.

He has started successful membership programs, unconventional programs, and YouTube videos that helped tons of individuals start their successful businesses. He is also considered the only Passionpreneur in India, helping individuals find their true calling and turn it into a successful and profitable enterprise.

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