Difference between a manufacturing defect and design defects in New Jersey


We all use different products in day-to-day life; sometimes, they turn out to be defective or damaged. Such damaged goods can be your exploding soda cans, defective car brakes, non-functional smoke alarms and much more. In such cases, New Jersey has various laws in favour of the customers to protect their rights. The Jersey city personal injury lawyer helps you understand the rights better. There are mainly two defects in the product, which are manufacturing and design defects. Let’s read about the difference between them –


  1. What is it?

Any defect during the manufacturing of a product makes the product dangerous to use. It is an error in the production process. It is a product designed correctly, but an unintended mishap happened during its manufacturing. For example- a correctly designed car tire got flawed during its manufacturing, causing it to fail.

  1. Need to prove product liability- 

Product liability is customers rightful law in New Jersey to have the correct product. To claim liability in manufacturing defects, you must prove that the product deviated in its functional form from what was expected from it or caused a hazard to the consumer in any form.


  1. What is it?- 

Defects are produced in a product due to its inappropriate design. Now, you may ask, how is it different from manufacturing defects? Here, the product is manufactured with accurate specifications without the manufacturer’s mistake, and the entire product line is flawed due to its inappropriate design. For example-A, a baby toy is manufactured with accurate dimensions, but it risks the baby choking if chewed by him.

  1. Need to prove liability- 

If the manufacturer failed to warn in product specifications or provide instructions regarding its hazards at the time of product sale, it can be used against the seller or the manufacturer. For instance, a drug for hypertension causes heart damage, but the doctor, chemist or the public is unaware of its potential risks.


So by now, your doubts regarding manufacturing and design defects in products in New Jersey must have become clear. Not all the products are ideal, and there can be defects associated with them sometimes. As a consumer, you need to be aware of its specifications and about your rights in case of a defective product that caused you any damage in any form. You can also consult an attorney in such a scenario.

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