Difference Between Vision Sensor And Vision System


Some people have the misconception that both the vision system and vision sensor (วิ ชัน เซนเซอร์, which is the term in Thai) are the same. Although it can be said in an ordinary sense, in a broader sense, they differ from each other to a great extent. Here, in this blog, we will be discussing some of the most crucial differences between these two and will try to distinguish them with due differences. 

3 Differences That We Can’t Ignore

  • Inspection: 

A vision sensor helps in simple inspections and concludes the answer only with a simple Yes or No, in the case of a production line. On the other hand, a vision system can do complex inspections such as assembling different arm weld parts of a robot and make the tasks of an automated factory efficient and perfect. 

  • Light Waves: 

Sensors for machine vision can easily capture the camera’s light waves produced by the lens and thereby helps in working by the digital signal processors (DSPs). It also makes the conversion of the data into pixels and then generates images digitally. On the other way, vision systems analyze pixel patterns and thereby conclude the critical facts about the objects of any photograph. 

  • User Ability: 

Vision systems need more expertise and experience to operate the devices and one may need to invest a lot of money and time to configure, install, and train the practitioners to operate with the systems. On the other hand, these skills and knowledge to work on vision sensors can be curtailed to a great extent and you can work even with a little knowledge about the same. 

If you are still confused to understand the distinction that you can take the example of a beer bottle on a bottling plant’s conveyor belt. A vision sensor will assure that the bottle is having a cap and when the presence of the cap is determined, then it will be sent to the packaging. Then the vision system will ensure whether the packaging and other detailed work are done perfectly or not. 

So, from this discussion, it will be very much helpful for you to get the right thing for your particular needs and thereby save your money from any unnecessary expenses. If you still have any doubt, you can get in touch by sending your query hereunder in the comment section!

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