3 Tips for Graduated College Students, Business


As a college student who has recently graduated, you are probably concerned more with finding a job than you are with knowing what to do once you get one. Once you’ve started your career, or if you are still searching but working in the meantime, it can be difficult to manage and protect your financial position with little to no experience.

In order to keep up with “adulting,” here are 3 tips that can give you peace of mind when you are out there putting that degree to good use.

Plan Your Future

College gives you deadlines, but life doesn’t. It may sound too far away to think about, but you need to consider your long-term future as much as your immediate future. Create a 5-year plan for your career goals and stick to it. While you at it, check if your employer offers retirement savings accounts because those are a great way to take advantage of the easy savings.

Pay Your Bills On Time

Whether your parents might have paid the bills for you in college or you paid the lump-sum for the semester, keeping up with monthly payments is crucial to a successful post-grad life. Late payments on rent or car insurance, for example, can lead to bad scores on your record or even fees. Set up an auto-pay system and forget about it to make it that much easier.

Prepare Good Credit

Building good credit when you are young is very important to establish your purchasing power. Having a good credit score shows that you are a responsible borrower and it proves to lenders that you will pay them back on time. You’ll need good credit someday when you go to buy a new car or house.

Aside from these 3 tips, it’s always good to save more than you spend. This will set you up for success and soon you’ll be well on your way to a financially independent life.

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