Different Automation Solutions And Their Benefits


Businesses are moving towards automation for a bundle of factors, and the two most important of those factors are listed below.

  1. Automation reduces human error.
  2. Automation reduces the workload of labor.

The result in both cases is efficiency. That said, elite firms like Meade Willis offer many such automation solutions that make the workflow steady and speedier. Also, such software solutions – listed below – are compatible with different computer systems and languages. This reduces the cost of up-gradation.

  1. Warehouse Management and Transportation Management Solutions

These 2 software solutions handle the entire supply chain. WMS, for one, handles the inventory activities, and TMS, on the other hand, handles the transit of goods from the warehouse to the end customers. Precisely, they manage all activities and procedures that make the supply chain.

Key Benefits Of WMS Software Tool:

  • It keeps a record of different warehouse activities like labor productivity, speed of the project, availability of goods in inventory at all times, and so on.
  • It helps with demand planning to maximize profit and ensure that the production doesn’t stop.

Key Benefits Of TMS Tool:

  • It offers real-time tracking of all the goods throughout their production and supply to the customers.
  • Real-time tracking increases business transparency that strengthens the mutual trust between trading partners.
  1. Web Order Management Solution

WOM is a software automation tool that helps in real-time information and data exchange between all the traders involved. Since it’s a cloud-based software program, the information exchange is speedy. It makes the work environment more flexible and trustworthy because all the entities are always informed and on the same page.

  1. Electronic Data Interchange And Electronic Invoicing Solutions

Electronic Data Interchange or EDI is a Meade Willis automation tool that helps in generating all documents electronically. The benefits? Well,

  • All the documents have a proper record. So, no piece of information goes missing.
  • It’s easier to locate electronic documents and so is sharing them.
  • When integrated with other automated solutions like WMS and TMS, it gets possible to share the electronic documents in real-time.

The electronic invoicing solution is a cloud-based billing software solution that, again, ensures that no financial record – inbound as well as outbound – ever goes missing. Its major benefits are listed below.

  • Electronic invoicing helps in connecting the supplier system with the systems of the customers and the government.
  • It has features like format conversion, producing digital signatures, and data validation.

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