Different Utilities You Need to Consider Before Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Office


An office space should fulfill two main functions: create a comfortable physical and psychological environment for employees and make a positive impression on customers and business partners.

There are two main types of office furniture: staff furniture and executive office furniture. Collections of furniture for staff usually use more practical and less expensive materials. The second type includes the most expensive furniture made from materials of a higher level and equipped with the latest technological innovations.

When choosing office furniture, pay attention to the following aspects:

Office furniture color

The color of furniture for offices can be anything from black to ivory. Light colors are soothing and non-irritating. It is desirable that the color is not too bright or very original. The most popular colors of office furniture for staff are natural wood colors and silver gray colors. In the offices of managers, a greater variety of colors is permissible, but the motives of “natural wood” still remain predominant.

Office Furniture Specifications

When choosing office desks, pay attention to the thickness of the table top and supports, the thickness of the plastic edging tape (if any), the ability to adjust the supports in height and the quality of the fittings. You should also study how the separate parts of the table are connected and attached to each other, because the service life of a particular table directly depends on the high-tech and quality of fastening accessories. The preferred connection is an eccentric coupler, allowing multiple assembly and disassembly of furniture. If a metal frame is used as an underframe, it is recommended to pay attention to the quality of the welded seams, the quality of the coating (painting) of the metal, as well as the presence of boxes for laying electrical wiring in these frames.

The Right Guides

When choosing office pedestals, pay attention to the quality of the drawer guides (they should slide out and slide freely) as well as the integrity and stability of the structure. Check the operation of the lock (if any). The presence of a central lock is a good manufacturer’s characteristic.

Using the Cabinets

When choosing office cabinetspay attention to the stability of the structure: this is evidenced by the system of fastening the side walls to the lower floor and the upper cover. The preferred connection is an eccentric coupler, allowing multiple assembly and disassembly of the cabinet. Also, study the system for attaching the back wall to the cabinet frame, because the stability of the structure depends on it. The modern approach to fixing the back wall made of fiberboard is to install it in the milled grooves of the cabinet frame, followed by fastening with plastic clamping corners with screws.

Last Thing to Say

Pay attention to the thickness of the cabinet shelves (the thicker the shelf, the more weight it will support) and the height of the inter-shelf space (it must be at least 33 cm). Pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the height of the cabinet, as well as the door fittings (awnings and hinges).The quality of the fittings affects the service life of the doors and the entire cabinet as a whole.

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