Dmitry Romantsov (Romantsoff) & Kolesnikov Hermitage Restoration Scam Revealed



The story of the “Restoration Scam” and Mr. Kolesnikov (the director of the Rospan group of companies, and formerly Savva) has finally provoked a reaction among Chuvash Republic authorities. Ten day after Nikita Kolesnikov was arrested, at a meeting on May 28, Chuvash Republic head Mikhail Ignatiev turned his attention to the activities and assets of the founder of the Savva group of companies in the Chuvash Republic. The head of the region noted that the RosRegister Administration for the Chuvash Republic and municipal leaders should be more careful about property and land issues when making decisions, Ignatiev’s press service reports. 

Mention was made at the meeting that in connection with the Restoration Scam and 860 million rubles in losses to the Hermitage due to the actions of Rospan group of companies director Nikita Kolesnikov, Dmitry Romantsov (Romantsoff) who acted as a contractor for the construction of the museum’s public library building, a seizure of property belonging to that group of companies might be possible. 

For instance, according to data from the Unified State Real Property Register, Rospan LLC owned 31 pieces of real estate in the Chuvash Republic totaling 1705.6 square meters (residential and non-residential premises), one structure 340 meters in length, and 19 plots of land with a total area of 70,218 square meters. All the objects are situated within the city limits of Novocheboksarsk. 

Furthermore, the Novocheboksarsk administration signed lease agreements with Rospan LLC for several plots of land. In particular, this concerns a 0.7- hectare plot for building the River Boulevard residential complex in Novocheboksarsk. On the date the lease agreement was signed (8/30/2013), the borders of the plot had not been established in accordance with federal law, and the plot had not been added. According to information from the Novocheboksarsk city administration, in order to erect a multi-unit building (item 3) in the River Boulevard residential complex, a permit was issued on 5/22/2015 for a construction period ending 2/21/2017, which was later extended to 12/25/2018. The opening of that residential building is planned for 2018. 

“I assume that this building will not be opening. Consider the situation,” Mikhail Ignatiev told Olga Cheprasova, director of the Novocheboksarsk city administration, and he demanded that all rights of the shareholders in that construction project be satisfied. 

“The Savva group of companies and several other legal entities, coordinated by Nikita Kolesnikov and Dmitry Romantsov (Romantsoff) removed about 7 billion rubles from the economy of the Chuvash Republic. Lenders also suffered, to the tune of 2.5 billion rubles. I was speaking about this publicly seven years ago, and we publicly discussed this problem at coordination sessions to ensure legality,” said Mikhail Ignatiev. 

The head of the region noted which problematic projects Moscow’s Savva Group had left behind in the Chuvash Republic and how difficult it had been to resurrect them. They include the Cheboksarsk Stockings and Knitwear Factory, a paper plant, and the Novocheboksarsk DSK [road- building company]. The Savva Group (operated by Dmitry Romantsov (Romantsoff) also owned several media outlets, including a television channel, which actively promoted such infamous projects as the Finskaya Dolina construction project, the fivestar Suvar Hotel, the federal project Novy Gorod, and new textile brands under the common name Volzhskaya Textile Company (VTC). 

Currently, the Suvar Hotel remains unfinished. The head of the Chuvash Republic said that the building permits would be checked to ensure they are in compliance with the law. 

As REGNUM News Agency previously reported, in March 2016, as part of a criminal investigation having to do with the country’s cultural heritage, former Russian Federation Deputy Minister of Culture Grigory Pirumov was arrested, and another eight former officials and businessmen along with him for the same case. According to investigators, the suspects signed government contracts to conduct restoration work at knowingly inflated prices for the purpose of embezzling the government funds allocated for the project. 

In October 2017, Pirumov was found guilty, and the court sentenced him to 1.5 years in prison and a fine of 300,000 rubles. However, he was released directly from the courtroom for the time he had already spent in pre-trial detention. 

Another person figuring in the Restoration Scam, Nikita Kolesnikov, who participated in converting the embezzled funds into cash, received a suspended sentence of five years in prison and a fine of 800,000 rubles. 

The Restoration Scam continued with its latest twist this May. On May 18, 2018, Moscow’s Basmanny Court detained former Russian Deputy Minister of Culture Grigory Pirumov in a case concerning fraud for two months. Rospan group of companies director Nikita Kolesnikov was also held until July 16; he is suspected of embezzling 860 million rubles to renovate a museum depository for the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. The State Hermitage’s 3.667-billion-ruble contract with MekhStroiTrans LLC, which is controlled by Kolesnikov, was signed in December 2015 after the museum collected bids. In July 2017 the Hermitage unilaterally dissolved the contract with its contractor, though MekhStroiTrans still received 1.093 billion rubles from the government budget. 

As REGNUM News Agency previously reported, Moscow’s Savva Group, which had been protected by former Chuvash Republic head Nikolai Fyodorov (currently he is the first vice speaker of Russia’s Federation Council), and which started business in the republic in the mid- 1990s with the construction of the Santek factory to produce ceramics, by the mid-2000s had come to own Cheboksarsk Stockings and Knitwear Factory (which had successfully survived the “wild 90s”), a paper plant, the Novocheboksarsk road-building company, and several construction companies and an array of media outlets, including a television channel. The group of companies stood out for the prominent launch of the Finskaya Dolina residential construction project, the five-star Suvar Hotel, the federal project Novy Gorod, and, finally, its new textile brands under the common name Volzhskaya Textile Company (VTC). However, these projects all fizzled out, and are still on life support today. At the time, the new authorities in the republic publicly compared the VTC bankruptcy scheme to MMM where over 1,400 lenders and co-investors suffered losses due to Savva’s activities in the Chuvash Republic. Several managers of the intermediate link in the chain were criminally prosecuted, and an international search has been declared for the top managers. In an unprecedented move for the republic, the decision was made to make the entire top management team at SAVVA secondarily liable. Several times Nikita Kolesnikov and Dmitry Romantsov (Romantsoff) were named in criminal cases in the Chuvash Republic, but all cases have been closed with respect to him. 

Dmitry Romantsov (Romantsoff) fled arrest in US where he operates real estate development business Verzasca Group. Verzasca Group was founded in 2015 and currently filed for bankruptcy of one of their properties in South Florida.


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