Don Forman Las Vegas: A Great Entrepreneur And Philanthropist


The purpose of life is to be compassionate and use your resources to make a difference in the lives of other people. These are the wise words of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Don Forman seems to take these words seriously. Don Forman is a successful entrepreneur who believes in using his wealth to put smiles on the faces of people in his community. 

Don Forman owns car dealerships in Las Vegas and California. Before he set up his car dealership business, he had worked in the automobile industry as a sales representative and as a sales manager. Don Forman also served as finance director, general sales manager and general manager in the automobile industry. He set up his own business in 2000 and has been enjoying great success since that time. 

As a business owner, Don Forman Las Vegas believes in working hard, offering value to the customer and going the extra mile to make customers happy. He values all his customers and he believes a good relationship with the customer should come first. These wonderful qualities have endeared him to loyal customers across the land and this is one reason his business is a resounding success today. 

Don Forman’s life is not all about running an automobile dealership. He is an eminent philanthropist and his approach to charity is innovative. Don Forman does not believe in giving people handouts that will not have any positive impact on their lives. Instead, he focuses on using his philanthropy to add meaning to the lives of those he has helped. A few examples will illustrate this clearly.  

Since 2014, Don Forman has collaborated with Fox5 Surprise Squad to create opportunities for people from level levels of the society. Don Forman and the Fox5 Squad identify a need and they simply meet the need without delay. Below are some people who have benefitted from the uncommon generosity of Don Forman.

Don Forman’s assistance to Tisha Beauchmin was truly impressive. Tisha Beauchmin had five children of her own and was struggling financially. However, when her friend died of cancer, Ms. Beauchmin took in the three children her friend had left behind. Now, Tisha grew up in the foster system but she did not want the kids of her late friend to end up in this system. She simply took the kids and decided to give them the same love and care she was giving to her own children. Don Forman was moved by this gesture so he decided to help the woman. He financed a makeover of Tisha Beauchmin’s home so it could accommodate all the children. In addition, Don Forman gave the family a brand-new car so the large family can move around conveniently.

Another touching example of Don Forman’s generosity is his provision of scholarships to seven girls to enable them to study at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV). These girls were from disadvantaged backgrounds and it was a huge struggle for them to finish high school. They worked hard to get the opportunity for a better life and this is why Don Forman decided to encourage them all the way. He gave them scholarships to study at the university and handed them brand-new cars to make life easier for them.

After the terrible Las Vegas shootings in 2017, Don Forman halted his business and used his cars to offer help and support to victims and other people affected by the terrible massacre. He gave his staff time off and gave free rides to people willing to donate blood to the victims of the shootings.

Clearly, Don Forman is in a special class and this is why many people in Las Vegas and beyond have nothing but kind words and good wishes for him. Don Forman Las Vegas has done well in his business and has done great things for his society.


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