7 Flatbed Accessories to Invest In to Make Hauling Easier



There is a long list of things you can haul with a flatbed truck. However, one unique aspect of flatbed hauling is the requirement for attention to detail. The absence of a roof or side on the truck’s load-carrying bed presents new challenges when it comes to loading and securing the cargo. Therefore, it becomes necessary to acquire appropriate accessories to ease loading, protect the shipment, and deliver cargo according to the client’s satisfaction. 

Here’s a list of crucial accessories for seamless flatbed cargo hauling.

  1. Toss N tie

Toss N Tie is a cargo securement device that lowers risks associated with tying down a load on a flatbed. It eases the payload securing process.

 Using a Toss N Tie is straightforward: Unroll the cord and attach it to a cargo chain or strap. Toss the device over the load and onto the other side of the cargo. Move to the other side, pull down the cord and tie it don in place.

  1. Friction Mat

Cargo’s instability and tendency to slip is a common worry among flatbed haulers. A friction mat takes away these worries. The accessory provides friction to prevent slipping and shifting of cargo on a flatbed. So, it provides the much-needed cargo stability needed in flatbed hauling.

  1. Coil Racks

You require a coil racks/coil chocks to secure heavy steel coils on a flatbed. Coil racks are usually used in pairs and placed on each side of the payload to prevent rolling.

 Typically, haulers place coil racks on friction mats and secure the load with chains. Coil chocks are held in place by hardwood blocks and are installed when the coil’s center is facing lengthwise or the sides.

  1. Ratcheting Cap

A ratcheting cap eases and quickens load securement in flatbeds with winches. It converts your winch into a ratcheting winch and slashes cargo securement time almost by half. The device’s ratcheting mechanism allows you to keep the winch bar in the cap until you fully secure the payload. You don’t have to keep on installing the winch bar in a winch cap again and again when securing loads with a strap. 

  1. Strap Winder

Recoiling straps manually is time and energy-consuming. Strap Winder is useful for flatbed trucks with winches. It allows you to wind the straps when unloading your cargo.

 Insert one end of the winder in one of winch cap’s holes and rotate it while holding the two handles to recoil the straps quickly.

  1. Magnetic Flag Holder

When hauling wide loads with a flatbed, it’s statutory to install safety flags. A magnetic flag holder enables you to mount a safety flag easily onto your truck. It features a magnet on the cylindrical base and a center-based screw for the convenient securement of safety flags.

  1. Web Winder

A web winder helps to reduce the time used in recoiling straps for flatbeds without winches. You just need to clip the winder to the flatbed’s side, fit in one end of the strap in the winder, and recoil the belt in a short time. 

For flatbed hauling, timely delivery is key. Besides, it is important to deliver the cargo in good condition to maintain your customer’s trust. Be sure to invest in accessories outlined above to reduce loading and unloading time, ease cargo securement, and optimally secure the load/cargo.  


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