404 Errors And SEO Positioning Affect Us


There is nothing that gives more anger than to be looking for something on the internet that you need, be it information, some shoes or a flight that you had been looking for a long time, finally you find it and when you click on it you discover that it’s a link

404 Errors And SEO Positioning Do They Affect

Until not long ago, having 404 errors could be a positioning problem, but today it is no longer. Cheap SEO services [jasa seo murah which is the term in Indonesia] and webmasters were crazy to think that we lost part of the tracking budget that Google used for our website, and we started to create 301 redirects pointing to URLs that did exist, to de-index those pages or to recreate them if we saw that it was necessary.

Google currently has enough power to track these errors and the rest of our website. Re-Track them to verify that it was not an error, and the pages re-exist. If finally that content has not been re-created, it ends up being de-indexed, period. Relax!

The problem with which will have to deal with is the user experience since we are not meeting the expectations of our visitor, and if we do not have the right solution, our user will go to another website. That factor is a determining factor in ensuring search engine visibility, establishing a relationship between 404 errors and SEO positioning.

It may be the case that we had a very well positioned URL in the top positions of Google, for whatever reason that page ceases to exist. However, it still appears in the results; users click on it, give them a 404 error, and they decide to end up going to the next SERPs result, leaving our site completely. If we do not realize that this is happening, forget about that URL so well ranked.

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