Do’s and Don’ts of Fire Sprinkler System to Ensure Continued Service


The drastic change in the climate has raised the risks of natural disasters like wildfires caused by extreme heat. Climate change also brings a spike in temperature, erratic weather patterns, and unpredictable environmental conditions.

Based on the data from the past, current trends, and future predictions, the biggest threat you have as a Bethesdaian in the next 30 years is heat. It is estimated that at least 85% of the properties will be affected by the rising temperature and the subsequent heat waves.

The rise in temperature and heat waves can increase the risk of a fire accident. Therefore, investing in fire sprinkler installation in Bethesda, Md, is wise to protect your family. The choice of your fire sprinkler systems vancouver wa may differ according to the rules and regulations in place with the structural unit.

The advanced designs of fire sprinklers not only effectively protect your home from fire but also blend in with your décor. However, it is crucial to follow certain steps to ensure readiness when called into action.

Regulations for your Fire Sprinkler System

There are three regulations that your fire sprinkler system can fall under. They are:


Rose to popularity post-2005, such fire sprinklers can provide you with some compensatory features to meet the fire regulation standards of the building.


Introduced in 2008 to deal with the inflexibility faced in Building Regulations Approved Documents B, BS9999 is excluded residential properties from its purview.


Introduced in 2011 to increase the scope of BS999 by bringing in an individual residential building under its regulation. It allowed some trade-offs if your buildings included fire sprinklers in the project.

How to maintain your Fire Sprinkler System


Here are some actions you can undertake to keep your fire sprinkler system in shape.

  • Arranging Annual Inspections

Provisions under the regulation BS EN 12845 require you to arrange for an annual inspection of your fire extinguishing system with an expert. However, the inspector cannot be involved in installing your system, the building’s occupier, or in service and maintenance.

The inspector has to be a non-partial third party. The person should be fully qualified and check the fire sprinkler system’s age, condition, and water supply. At the same time, check if the system is connected to a fire alarm.

  • Water Supply to be Monitored

Your fire sprinkler system will be useless if it does not have sufficient water supply or enough pressure to pump out the water at the right time. You can ensure that the water pressure is appropriate by checking the water gauge at regular intervals.


  • Shutting off the system is a NO!

You must never shut off the fire sprinkler system. The sprinkler system acts as a first response system in case of fire. Shutting it off exposes your household to the uncertainty of a fire breaking out.

  • No Blocking of Hindering of the Sprinkler Head

Ensure that you do not paint them or block the sprinkler heads in any state or form. Modern sprinkler systems are built to conceal sprinkler heads amongst the décor, it is easier to overlook their existence. However, they are your survival tools in case of possible fires.

Final Thoughts

Investing in fire sprinklers can be a step toward a safer future for your family. Fire sprinkler installation in Bethesda Md can ensure your household’s safety from future fire outbreaks.

Gather ample information about the changing climate conditions, their effect on temperature and the possible disasters caused by excessive heating.

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